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Age: ?
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 250 lbs
Resides: ?

Meat's backstory in Armageddon, actually revealed during his game ending, stated that he was a horrific experiment created by Shang Tsung. He escaped the sorcerer's clutches before he could be fully completed. The official strategy guide for the game describes Meat as being "a fun character who assists Shinnok," although this relationship is not made clear in the story.

In his Armageddon ending, it is said that while the other fighters focused on each other, Meat rushed past them up the pyramid. Once he defeated Blaze, he gained the power to shape-shift. Since he had the ability to become anyone he pleased, Meat lost his sense of identity and slipped into obscurity.

Signature Moves
Head Roll (MK:A)
Meat Leg Slide (MK:A)
Body Mutilation (MK:A)
Flesh Teleport (MK:A)​
LOL I really liked his special moves in Armageddon and it was fun to play as him when I have friends over and were all drinking!
Meat was awesome when he was only a secret skin for everyone in MK4.
He didn't need his own moves in Armageddon, those moves could have gone to Havik.
It would be cool if Meat actually makes a cameo appearence in the new game, because he came from Shang Tsung's dungeons.
The only thing good about Meat was his Meat Cleaver in MK Armageddon- that was amusing. Other than that he's a joke character like Mokap.
I like meat as a character, personally...But I don't like the fact that alot of the people on this site are DETERMINED to believe that meat is in the Cathedral.
It's just a skinless Model, Everyone! It's used in X-rays!
But I loved this character in MK:A, My brother got annoyed with my Head roll spam. :lol:
One of the most useless characters in MK. I just love crushing his head with various types of finishers in MKA.
when i saw drahmin for the first time i thought he would be meat like pumped up and made into a real character, disappointed when i found out that meat was coming back as just meat, but i like that they tried to give him a story
Sorry for the double post, but I have these ideas for an X-ray move and fatalities.

X-Ray: He slides under the opponent with his meat leg slide, then, while he's right underneath them, he delivers an uppercut to their groin, breaking their pelvis. He then jams his thumb into his opponent's eye, similar to part of Reptile's X-ray. He then finishes it off with an elbow to their shoulder, breaking their shoulder blades.

Fatality 1: He sprays a fountain of blood into his opponents mouth, which causes them to start inflating like a balloon, then explode.

Fatality 2: He rips off his opponent's head, then rips off his own. He then places his head on the opponent's body, and vice versa.
Must be the Netherrealm's presence which has cooked him? How does he get away from all those Oni? Still he is human like I said so no thanks for me!