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Age: ?
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 175 lbs
Resides: Earthrealm

Mavado's influence in the games' storyline began sometime before the events of Mortal Kombat 4. Since the Red Dragon's top priority (outside their later-revealed true main goal) is the extermination of the Black Dragon while still desiring to keep their existence secret, they decided to use the Special Forces to serve their own purposes. To that end, Mavado's instructed his subordinate, Hsu Hao, to infiltrate the Outer World Investigation Agency and help them in tracking down and killing the last members of the Black Dragon, a mission Hsu Hao performed to great success.

After the events of Mortal Kombat 4, with Jarek seemingly killed by Jax, and Kabal presumably killed by Mavado himself (the latter's trademark hookswords being taken as trophies in the process), Hsu Hao's task was deemed over. However, Mavado was then contacted by the Deadly Alliance. Both sorcerers saw the Red Dragon as a great potential ally for their eventual domination of Earthrealm. Mavado was hired to fend off Kenshi, in return acquiring the opportunity to be given the last Black Dragon member: Kano, at the time a general in the service of the Deadly Alliance. They also requested that the Red Dragon destroy the Outer World Investigation Agency's techno-portals to prevent the Special Forces from being able to travel to Outworld.

During the events of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Mavado complied with these tasks. He instructed Hsu Hao to destroy the Outer World Investigation Agency's underground portal facility, shortly before traveling to Outworld himself through a secret inter-realm portal located in the Lost Sea. Mavado tracked down and defeated Kenshi, allowing him to have his fight with Kano; however, rather than kill his foe, Mavado captured Kano and had his Red Dragon minions bring him to their headquarters. Like his overlords Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, though, he had little time to revel in his victory. Shortly before Mortal Kombat: Deception, Kabal returned fully recuperated from his stay in Chaosrealm and seemingly killed Mavado, retrieving his hookswords.

In Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Mavado returns, apparently having survived. He is still seen wielding hookswords as a weapon, but these are presumably no longer Kabal's. In the game's Konquest mode, Mavado is seen in the Red Dragon's lair reporting to Daegon that the clan has located Blaze. Daegon then orders him to kill his brother Taven while he prepares to leave. Taven defeats Mavado, but Mavado is able to escape using a hidden elastic rope to propel himself into a secret compartment.

In Mavado's Armageddon ending, he discovers that upon defeating Blaze, he gained the ability to control those who wear the Red Dragon emblem. He telepathically influences his clan to defeat their enemies, and then tattooed the emblem on them. He uses his new army to take over the world.

Signature Moves
Grapple Hook Strike (MK:DA, MK:A)
Change Sides Hook (MK:DA, MK:A)
Anger Management (MK:A)
Low Grapple Slide (MK:A)
Escape Grapple (MK:DA, MK:A)

Kick Thrust (MK:DA)​
The Red Dragon and Mavado are both interesting storylines. I think his hook special moves make him a unique fighter, and I hope he is developed more.





(my only hope is he will make a little cameo in MK9... or be back in future MK games, someday !)
I HATED, I mean I ****ing HATED Mavado in MK:DA.

I don't know why, but I could look at him and cringe with disgust.

NOBODY REPLACES KABAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw this on the MK wiki today. Please tell me this was a troll edit.

I did like Mavado's grappling hooks and if they made more moves involving them that would be great. I'm not a fan of him with hook swords though and think he should get his own trademark in later games. I understand having them in Deadly Alliance because there was no Kabal and it was the first console game trying out new things. But Kabal's got his hook swords back Mavado should work on his grappling hooks. His Fatality was cool maybe those spikes could be a special move of his. I always thought he should have a move where he grabs the opponent's face with the grappling hook and and throws him to the ground. Also maybe a move where he grapples the ceiling and swing kicks across.
I HATED, I mean I ****ing HATED Mavado in MK:DA.

I don't know why, but I could look at him and cringe with disgust.

NOBODY REPLACES KABAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This ^

Couldn't agree more, man. I hate the Red Dragon characters. Daegon and Mavado both. Never should have been addittions to the series. Hate them with every fabric of my being.
Mavado, huh

Not a fan of him

I don't like the grappling hooks even though it was the only truly unique thing about him because it just made him so goofy to me

Couldn't take him seriously

Another problem I had with him and a lot of other characters from the 3D era is how lackluster his backstory and character was yet Midway/NRS made him so significant in Deadly Alliance

He not only "killed Kabal" and stole his hookswords but he kicked Kenshi's ass as well

Bottom line is, he just isn't a very interesting character and neither is the Red Dragon clan

With a little effort though, he can be made into something better, but I wouldn't exactly care if he didn't come back either
This dude on wants me to write a Black Dragon vs Red Dragon for Trouble at the Work place. Shit is going to be hard as hell
Nearly killed Kabal and Kenshi? I think this guy will be back if that is the case to lead the Red Dragon once more.
If MKDA hadn't come out before Just Cause, I'd totally believe him to be a ripoff of Rico :laugh:


Mavado could be cool if they went with the original idea of making him a matador character. Lots of stylish evades and parries. He could be the Vega of the series.

Plus Mavado is just a really badass name
MK has had a history of trying to replace classic characters with shitty new ones, i really hope mavado never returns. same with jarek, reiko, tanya, hsu hao, and yada yada
Reiko was actually a really good concept and Hsu Hao was never meant to replace Jax, he was just his rival