Marvel vs Capcom: Infinity

Hell yeah son. Since I never got to formal play marvel super heroes I can't wait to see what the gem system has to offer.

I'm really hoping for Venom to come back
I'm interested in it, but I'm also skeptical, especially after the BS that Capcom pulled with SFV and its limited content when it first released.
Better to wait until it first comes out, rather than pre-ordering.




I’m so gonna get that!

Okay, now I HAVE to get this game!
I actually don’t have a problem with new Dante. He had some funny moments in DmC and the game itself is not as bad as people say

Winter Soldier, Black Widow and Venom trailer.

WS and Venom are definitely looking cool.
Black Widow, as much as I love her… her gameplay looks rather boring in comparison.
But I do love what we see though. Her grapples, her grappling hook, the batons, the kicks…

She will definitely be one of my mains. ♥
Kind of a missed opportunity that they didn't do that for X and Zero. Perhaps one will get added in the future.

Makes me wonder if other characters will have this. Like Spider-man and Venom, Hawkeye and Black Widow, Dante and Vergil(if he gets added).
Team orientated level 3s would certainly help a little with this game's reputation

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