Marvel Version of Injustice

Well, since Disney has announced they won't make games anymore, the license for Marvel games could be bought by someone who could make a new Marvel fighting game. Capcom would be the "obvious" choice, seeing they used to own the license to make Marvel fighters, but since Capcom's current economical situation is rather bad, I don't think that will happen. And since NRS is WB property, I doubt they will be able to pick it up either.

Maybe Iron Galaxy, under Microsoft? That would mean an Xbox/PC exclusive game though. They ported the old Marvel/Capcom games though, and did a fine job doing so, so it could be a possibility. If they have the time and money to make one, that is. KI is on a budget, so a Marvel fighter would be too.

Just speculation though.
would love to see that but with the style of MK/injustice, not cartooney and whatnot. would totally play the hell out of such a game
If Kamala Khan and/or Jane Foster are gonna Carol Danvers or The Original Thor then no. Otherwise, definitely.
My favorite Marvel characters...
Jean Grey/Phoenix/Dark Phoenix
The Punisher
Lady Deathstrike
Paragon (From Marvel Nemesis.)
Not to be that guy, but I would hate it.

I loved the Marvel Super Heroes and X-Men Children of the Atom games that Capcom did, so any other kind of style would just be whack and unnatural to me.
I'd love to get a X-Men fighting game, not a Marvel one. But i'd love it to look realistic (as MK and Takken), not that japanese cartoon bullshit. Roster could be somehting like this (haven't included Professor...)

1 Cyclops
2 Wolverine
3 Phoenix
4 Magneto
5 Psylocke
6 Storm
7 Rogue
8 Gambit
9 Beast
10 Mystique
11 Nightcrawler
12 Jubilee
13 Emma Frost
14 Iceman
15 Juggernaut
16 Toad
17 Blink
18 Angel
19 Colossus
20 Sabretooth
21 Apocalypse
22 Mercury
23 Shadowcat
24 Apache
25 Banshee
26 Pyro

I don't know if any of you used to play X-Men Mutant Academy on PS1. I had lots of fun playing it back in the day.