Martian Manhunter not happening as DLC? (C2E2 interview with Ed Boon)

That's him talking about the original cast right? I can't see a big name DC game without Manhunter
So the roster choices are made by someone else, or is it just a team consensus and Boon backed off? If he didn't get Manhunter in main game it sounds pretty possible he won't be DLC either.

Just like MvC3 again. "We were asking for Silver Surfer and Ms Marvel amongst others, but Marvel had their say" so we got MODOK and X23.
I think that's the reason why they talked him out of it, to make him dlc. It's really a win win for them. Since Manhunter wasn't important to the story, he could easily be cut out. And since he's a big name character, he can bring a lot of cash with him when he's brought back in.
I think they could have replaced Killer Frost with Martian Manhunter on the Launch Roster. Killer Frost literaly had no purpose to be in the Story Mode
All she did was guard the Batcave and inform Wonder Woman about the the Insurgency's headquaters
Woo, almost spoiled the story for myself.

If Manhunter is in that would be dope. His normals could be when he morphs his limps which would be dope.

Then again I never seen J'ohn actually fight before
Martian Manhunter is going to be an alternative costume for Superman.

If you inspect the teaser at the end of the Scorpion trailer, notice that he fly's?
Ed Boon said that MMH was the character that people were asking him for the most, on Twitter.

He'd be a fool to ignore that and NOT put him as DLC.