Major Retailers Advance MK: Deadly Alliance Release

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
<p><a href="">Best Buy</a> and <a href="">Toys "R" Us</a> advertised this Sunday that <b>Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance</b> will be in stores on <b>Wednesday</b> November 20th, two days ahead of Fatality Friday. However, <a href="">Circuit City</a> shows in their inventory system that <B>MK:DA</B> will be shipped to stores on the 19th, <b>Tuesday</b>. </p>
<p>On the video game-specific retailers front, <a href="">GameStop</a> and <A href="">Electronics Boutique</a> lists <B>MK:DA</B> as shipping to retail stores <B>tomorrow</B>, the 18th.</p>
<p>Retail sources have stated that they have not received any communication from Midway to strictly follow the advertised release date of <B>Fatality Friday</b> November 22nd; therefore, many retail stores will sell copies of <B>MK:DA</B> as soon as they receive them.
<p>We have started a message board <a href="">thread</a> for everyone to communicate and collaborate on what stores and where <B>MK:DA</B> is available. As always, make sure that you call ahead before you go to the store to make sure that it is indeed available. If you are successful in obtaining a copy, <a href="">let us know</a>.