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The Magic: The Gathering Thread

I love this new set coming out called Ravnica....

Black owns so far: Black owns so far. Draw two cards on your turn lose 1 life. When 4 of these are out you can draw 5 cards per turn and lose 4 life. If you have Platinum Angel or Necropotence then you are good. Or life gaining cards, etc:


Error cards, etc.



"Many cards from the Alpha set have a letter in place of a mana symbol in their text box. I'm not sure if this was because they were too rushed to complete the cards, or if it was the printer's mistake. Either way, quite a few cards were affected. Shown here is Drain Life, but Force of Nature, Demonic Hordes, and Phantasmal Forces were also affected, just to name a few! I don't have a complete list of Alpha cards misprinted this way."
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i used to play now i just collect. they look so damn cool. it got bad when it started vying for kids it was better as an adult game


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Yeah you are right. Well this new set is supposed to go back to original styles to get more adult players. Champions of Kamigawa was crap I heard. I don't know, since I don't have any of those cards. I do however have Mirrodin.

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If any of you guys play this game and keep up with the value of Magic cards, please do me a favor.

I used to play this game as a kid in middle school back when it was getting started and have a few cards that were worth a few bucks way back when. If you could run a price check; much appreciated.

Shiva Dragon (Before Ice Age)
Vesuvan Doppleganger (Before Ice Age)
Leviathan (Ice Age)

Damn. Wish I could remember some of my other good ones. What's Black Lotus running for anyway? Used to be like 300.00 when I played.


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Well anything over 5 years is now worth, depending on its rareity, £20-£500. Lands are usually worth 50p. Theres an angel card... Ah whats it called now... Its selling in some cases for £500+. My bro had it and someone stole it off him. He is flipping his lid right now because he can't replace it becuase of the price. He had this almost unbeatable deck and he can't recreate it because he doesn't have that card.

I've got the new sets, I only just started this year. I think the rarest card in Champions of Kamagawa is '8 and half Tails'. I know one shop keeper who had it and he won't sell it for under £50. Most of the new sets can't compete with the old sets. I should know. I loose 90% of my games.


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So...what do you guys think of Magic The Gathering II Shards of Alara?

If you weren't around for Magic back in 1993 - 1995 then you'll like this:

Only reason I call it Magic 2 is because of all the new mechanics and Planes Walkers. Sarkhan Vol is a beast...I think he's soft banned in Japan :lol:

Blightning is better than Lightning Bolt.

So I played in the pre-releasse Shards today (Saturday the 27th) and think it's one of the best sets to date. This set rivals old school sets like Alpha/Beta/Unlimited, Legends, Mirage, Visions, Weatherlight, Arabian Nights, and blows Mirrodin and Invasion blocks (just to name a few) out of the water

Out of the 3 x 15 card booster packs and the 1 x 75 card tournament pack I pulled 2 Mythic rares:

HellKite Overlord

Sharuum the Hegemon

wonder if you can have multiple Sharuum the Hegemon on your side even though it's a Legendary Creature. But there's no rule stating that when both creatures come in at the same time, one from graveyard and one from your hand that they cancel each other out.

EDIT: I managed to play those mythic rares multiple times and I loved Onyx Goblet, Mindlock Orb, and Violent Ultimatum as well.

There's another Alara sealed tournament today (Sunday the 28th) but the buy in is $25 which is still pretty good since tournament packs go for $12 and boosters go for at least $4 each so tournament entry fee is basically $1


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I havn't played Magic since grade school. My roommate has a rather large collection but I don't know almost any of the cards any more. Back to the basics I say, you don't need all these new effects and shit, having to learn the game all over again whenever a new set is released just puts me off.


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The easiest card game I know is Yugioh. All you have to do is add or subtract life points. I tried to get into Pokemon too. But even that was too complicated. Ahaha. A century back though.


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I gave up playing... I built a really good virtaully unbeatable machine deck back in the days of Mirrodin. But the recent sets they've released just walk all over most of the old ones.

The other thing is... My BF ruined the series for me. He kept building these unbeatable decks - then I discovered he was NET DECKING!

No previous experious... He just pulled up someone's deck and read the stragies behind them. Theres me trying to work with whats coming out of the packets only (I finding working with luck more fun even though most of my decks loose) and he was just forking out for a single deck all the time. He did buy the normal packs whenever I was around, but only to hide what he was doing. When I found out, I was MAD.

Many serious players consider net decking a form of cheating - I'm one of them.

Unfortunately my ex-BF used to study the stragies well enough so he knew them off by hand. The only time he slipped up was when I allowed a card to be played straight away. When he used the same combo against my bro, my bro didn't allow it. It was then he got truly caught out about his net decking (he studied the rules well, but not well enough). Incidently I only allowed it in the first place because I couldn't win anyway so it didn't matter.

But the more and more he talked about reading things on-line, the less fun the game became. I may loose alot, but I'd rather loose to someone with their own personnel experience - not someone else's. My BF was the first person I came across like that, he is now shunned for it in our playing group (which includes a long-time (as in he has alpha sets) MTG UK tournement player who made it to the finals).


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I hate how new decks thrash the old ones. It means my cards are basically obsolete. Sure it's a great way to keep people buying your product year after year, but it just gets too expensive. I've got other games to buy ya know?


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OMG, lol had no clue this game was still being friends and I used to play this way back in the day when Magic first appeared...after a while I found it quite boring however, but definitely one of the more advanced games(card games anyway)

These card games seem to be a fad more then anything, remember the pokemon and yugi games when they first came out? Now I don't hear anyone talk about it anymore as much


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This looks almost like the Sorceress Queen. although the picture is really Liliana Vess.

I didn't think Magic had an extensive storyline (just found). Also, check out my previous post about Phyrexia and Mirrodin. Basically Dominaria is like Earthrealm and every other plane (realm) wants to take it over, etc. Kinda reminds me of the Mortal Kombat storyline.