Lost Ark: Best Game in 2022


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Lost Ark is an impressive feat. Its outstanding class design and excellent ARPG gameplay would already be enough to set it apart from many of this year’s games, but it’s also a content gold mine. Originally launched in Korea in 2019, then adapted for release in Europe and North America this year, the MMO launched with fantastic endgame content right out of the gate (a rarity for the genre). And while Lost Ark’s already extremely rewarding in its own right, developer Smilegate RPG is promising more endgame content and new classes in the near future.

The Graphics and world design are great. Talk about variety. No matter which area or continent you might be in there is always a myriad of different things to look at.

MMORPG progression. I love the fact that this game has picked up on all the things people have hated about MMORPG games for the longest time. The quest lines are mostly lineal which means the hand-in points are always ahead. You aren't constantly forced to keep going back to hand in quests. Traveling using music sheets to triports is a great idea and the fact you could travel from anywhere within the same content is great.

Customizations. I like the fact that you aren't hampered to one type of playstyle and punished for picking the wrong skills etc to max out. There are an enormous amount of ways to improve your character /Gold Lost Ark from engravings, stones, cards, and your skill tree.

Combat. The combat is really satisfying from the get-go. I am playing a Deadeye right now and from the start of the game, I was hooked. Changing play styles from using pistols mostly to shotgun etc.

Story. The story is ok. I found myself skipping through a lot of the cutscenes but nonetheless I have largely enjoyed most of what I saw and read. The fact that it gave me the option even in the first playthrough was awesome.

Overall this is a solid base for future expansions. I honestly can't wait to see what the new classes and areas will bring.