Lord of Fire


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This is my first shot at writing for a while, been busy and shiz. Let's see what goes down.

"How many more must die?" Fujin cried out in the darkness, his fists clenched at his sides. "How much more suffering must they endure?" Fujin heard a laugh in the darkness. A laugh that rang of confidence and malice.
"Until they learn," the voice called back out to Fujin. The wind god shook his head and gritted his teeth. He longed for his old friend.
"You're just as bad as he was. You dare call yourself a protector of Earthrealm!" There was a flash of fire and the visage appeared right in front of Fujin. He looked like a man, but his eyes burned like fire.
"You are weak, just like the old protector of Earthrealm. I slayed Shao Kahn and used his power to defend my home! When Kahn's officers marched in with his invasion, I led the attack! I will NOT give them a moments respite!"

1 year earlier...
The battle seemed lost. Shao Kahn had entered Earthrealm through force. Nearly all of the heroes of Light were dead or injured. Now he stood face to face with the Emperor of Outworld, the man who murdered his best friend. And his love. And his comrades. Kahn held his hammer over his shoulder and smirked under his helmet.
"This is the last line of your pathetic defense? I will feast on your soul!". The taunts did not phase him. His mind is clear. Most men would be overcome with rage and anger.
"You will die, right here and now. I am the chosen hero of Earthrealm. The champion of Mortal Kombat! You will meet your end for the final time!" The time for talk is over. He immediately hurled a fireball from his palms. Kahn knocked it away with his hammer but did not expect the flying kick to his chest. He stumbled back and followed up with a shoulder rush. The hero threw his arm up for a counter. He caught Kahn and flipped him over with his own force. Kahn tumbled down and the hero followed up with another flying kick. This time, Kahn caught his foot and swung him skyward. As he soared into the air, he cleared his mind. He focused all his chi, despite the fall back down. He channeled a flaming fist of vengeance as plummeted back down towards Shao Kahn. Kahn immediately noticed the attack and threw up a green force field. The fall helped the hero pick up strength on his way down.
"This is for my fallen comrades! For my friends! You murderous fiend!" His fist smashed through the force field like glass. Then his fist made direct contact with the conquerer. The strength of his meteor punch seared through Kahn's flesh. The force of the punch against Kahn's sheer power created a shockwave that sent the hero flying back across the roof.

"Come! We must hurry before Lui Kang engages in kombat!" The thunder god said to Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. The three of them reached the building where Kahn's portal opened. There was a sudden blinding light and a violent shockwave that shook the city.
"Think we missed the party?" Johnny quirked after the event.
"Shut up, Johnny. Raiden, can you get us up there?" Sonya asked. Raiden nodded and teleported the three of them with a crack of lightning. The three of them looked on at the scene.

Lui Kang stood with his foot on Shao Kahn's corpse. The power of millions of souls flowed out from the body in tendrils of light. Lui Kang's eyes had a burning glow to them. He looked up and saw what remained of his comrades. Suddenly, anger filled his soul.
"Did you see this in your visions? You saw everything that happened before this, yet you did nothing!"
"You are growing corrupt from the power, Lui. We must take you to Orderrealm." Raiden pleaded.
"No. No more of your words!"
"Lui Kang! Listen to me!"
"ENOUGH!" Lui Kang vanished in a flash of fire. Raiden jerked forward, then looked down to see Lui Kang's fist poking through his chest.
"No... It was not my time." Raiden said as Lui pulled his fist out of his chest.
"You are no longer fit to be the protector of Earthrealm. I am taking your mantle as the Lord of Fire." Johnny and Sonya looked on in disbelief as Raiden's body dropped to the ground. They both looked back at Lui Kang. "We have work to do. Shao Kahn's forces continue to invade the city. No more will Earthrealm be the victim. We are now taking the offensive."
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