Liu Kang Official Gameplay Discussion Thread

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Wow, I noticed there is absolutely no Liu Kang gameplay thread. Just one about his attitude.
Where are all the Kang mains at? Aldo, I know you're lurking.

Liu Kang


Dragon's Fire- The Dragon's Fire Variation is sure to please loyal Liu Kang fans as it most closely resembles the character's playstyle from past iterations of Mortal Kombat. While the Flying Kick can be performed in another one of his Variations, this special moves gains an additional hit in the Dragon's Fire Variation. Liu Kang's trademark Bicycle Kick can also be enhanced whilst in this Variation, resulting in a ground bounce that allows for kombo extension. Lastly, the Dragon's Fire Variation grants Liu Kang the ability to charge his fireball and/or dash cancel out of it

Flame Fist- In the Flame Fist Variation, Liu Kang loses his ability to perform his Bicycle Kick, but in exchange, gains access to his Windmill Punch attack. He can also activate the "Flame Fists," which increases block and hit damage on all punch-based attacks, and increases block damage on his fireballs. Liu Kang is also given a parry special move that stops oncoming attacks and counters with a two-hit attack. This Variation is best for players that enjoy applying high offensive pressure to their opponents.

Dualist- In the Dualist Variation, Liu Kang can switch stances; using his Metamorphosis special move, Liu Kang is able to change between the Light and Dark stances. While in his Light stance, his fireballs become a bit faster, which helps better his zoning game. The Dark stance changes Liu Kang's fireballs into small plasma orbs that can be stopped anytime during their flight across screen and explode after a short period of time after becoming stationary. Dark stance also allows Liu Kang to perform a "damage charge" and Light stance grants Liu Kang the ability to regenerate health.
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He's my main atm. I'm still undefeated with him online on PC. However I always switch it up with my chars and choose a different char every round so I have lost with others :p

Shame he doesn't have a good quick overhead starter. It would make his bicycle kick reset game so much better
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Liu Kang is the character I use when I dont want to lose. If someone beats me when Im using another character, Ill go to Liu Kang.
I main Liu Kang. Flame fist specifically for the parry, and Dragon Fire for the bicycle kick. Still cant get duelist tho.

I actually like his gameplay here, alot better than MK9.
I really hate the enhanced Dragon Parry; it's incredibly difficult to time, and so the Kounter Top brutality is one of the hardest more me to do. :(

Any tips?