Little problems?


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Okay so this is my first mk gam so naturally I'm going too stink :p on the ladder I'm on total beginner and I'm using nightwolf and I got to the last dude and I can never win he always just beats me with him hammer :p so that's around the skill level I am. I also played the story and I got to were you were kung Lou? Sorry if I butchered his name and you have to face scorpion and that white guy by yourself :p they just brutally rape me everytime... I've noticed sometimes when I go to do a move I can be hitting everything and it doesn't register.. Oh on 360 by the way and also when it says plus rt at the end of the move list thing what does that mean... I press rt after I hit those buttons and it does nothing... So what I'm saying is like is there a certain way you need to be facing for a certain move orrr should I just like practice with my friends or online or something? I need help :( thank you :)
Ok, I'll try to tackle those to the best of my ability and knowledge.

1) For defeating Shao Kahn, keep your distance and take advantage of his taunts. Also notice he's very slow to turn around.
2) The tag team matches are a bit tough. I have not yet faced Scorpion and Quan Chi in story mode, so I'll let one of my fellow TRMK members tackle this one.
3) For the 360, the RT means right trigger thats basically the block button. When you're trying to execute a fatality, you need to be aware of the spacial requirement.

I suggest taking advantage of the Training Modes.