List of the easiest juggles in the game


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The Liu Kang thread on his "far too easy" juggle got me to thinking that some characters really do have extraordinarily easy juggles. Though I know some of you see this as a bad thing, it's a part of the game and I think it would be useful knowing what they are. It's actually nice being able to pick up a new character and be able to do some easy combos right off the bat.

I'll start with the Liu Kang juggle which was posted in the other thread. I just tried them out by the way and they really do require very little timing to pull off.

1) Midscreen: 213, 213, 213...I was able to do it 3 or 4 times without much difficulty. Or you could do 213 x1 followed by a bicycle kick for a respectable mid 20s damage.
2) Corner: B312, B312, B312, B312 for around 40ish% (I don't have any of the updates so don't know what the current damage is).
3) Midscreen: B312 followed by bicycle kick also does around mid 20s damage. Almost not worthy of being called a juggle, but pretty high damage output with very little practice required - which is what this thread is about.

Corner combo: 334, 334, 334 - mid 30s% in damage and requires virtually no timing to pull off.

Please post any other juggles you'd describe as "ridiculously easy."


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Liu kang has the easiest juggles. I did a 38 percent with him using enhanced bicycle kick in a 3, 1, 2 kombo


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Scorpion, Ermac, Sub Zero, Liu Kang have the easiest combos from my experience.

That doesn't say much, however. Once you figure out the mechanics of each character it's easy to do combos. Even for the hard ones there are easier alternatives(Reptile for example).


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Yes Kitana has some easy juggles. Maybe not as easy as the ones listed so far but I may as well mention one that most newbies could probably master in no time:

2,1 b2, df2, dash, b2, df2. This will net you something in the low 30s and is something even a relative beginner can pull off the majority of the time. She of course has combos that will net you more damage, but they also require many more hours in training mode. Not quite as easy as Raiden's 334 x 3 in the corner, but pretty easy nonetheless.