Link to where it says ???


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Can someone give me a link to where it confirms that the Xbox 360 is for sure getting a guest character.

Thank You in advance you might win me a bet.

Taj Gill

There is no link but apparently the new game informer states that they are working on getting a guest character for the 360 as well. Just wait for the issue.

Immortal Reaver

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Chances are that there will be a 360-exclusive character, I don't know of any fighting games where one console gets an extra character when the other consoles don't. Usually there is one exclusive character to each platform.

they as of this moment aren't getting one . just check boons twitter
Don't twist things, Ed Boon said that they just don't have anything to say at the moment.

"Noobde: Sorry, we have no news on that right now."
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