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Hello everyone. My name is Xailas, (or Shinrei) and I would like to show you guys Lillith, the Shoga-Ryu mecha shinobi who has been behind the scenes for far too long, though that stands to change if I have anything to say about it. Some key things:

1. She is distinctly Japanese and is an elite shinobi belonging to the Shoga-Ryu, a secretive sister clan of Scorpion's clan, the Shirai-Ryu.

2. She is a cyborg due to a near death experience during a mission in her past. Her life was saved by a life-support system that was built, along with her armor, by her father using a mix of Japanese tech and backwards engineered Lin-Kuei tech.

3. She is a master of the Tekko-Kagi (Claw) and shinobigatana, (Sword). She is also an expert with the shuriken and makibishi, (Clatrop).

4. Her armor features a myriad of offensive, defensive, and mobility options, including plasma powered claws, a vibro sword, a cloaking device, a thruster system and a repulsor field.

5. She holds close ties with Scorpion, and was sent to find him after the Shirai-Ryu was found destroyed.

You can read her full story/moveset/variations here:

Now for the pics:

Lillith and Scorpion.jpgLillith Armor.jpgLillith Equip (745x1024).jpgLillith V2complete.jpgScan0000 (722x800).jpgScan0001 (727x800).jpgScan0003 (569x800).jpg

The second armor is her Version 2 Armor alt costume. The unarmored variant is one of two unsuited alts. She will have 4 costumes total. Any questions or comments, let me know! Hope you guys like her. :)



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I love her costume and the complexity of her design. Her backstory is very solid as well. Wonderful work! I can't wait to get a scanner to I could upload my own LMAO. Why did you decide to name her Lilith? What was the main inspiration behind her?