Late cuts of MK9


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Just trying clear some things up that have been claimed about MK9, a game I did not follow that much. Supposedly, both Tanya and Fujin almost made the game, true / false? If true, based on statements and would they have been main or DLC? Any other character NRS / Boon have alluded to for MK9?
Fujin was supposed to be in MK9 as there's an audio file of the announcer saying his name. Never heard anything about Tanya being in it, though. Just as a background character.
As far as I know, Tanya and Tremor were heavily requested for DLC. In fact in Tanya's case I think she almost made the cut but then NRS went with Rain. Fujin was probably planned for MK9 DLC, since there was a sound thing which said Fujin in the character select screen after hacking the game.