Kung Lao Secret Move ?


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i was wondering, will we be able to pull a bunny out of Kung Lao's hat and slap some tarkatan warriors with it around the ears ?? or not ?? :lol: :p

I always liked that move... :D


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Kung Lao has a fatality in which he pulls a rabbit out of his hat and beats his opponent to death with it, so yes.


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i was wondering if there is a link to videos of all known fatalities. if there is could someone post it.

also secret moves like regular special moves would be awsome.


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Try the links on the main MKSM page on this site. I think it showed the bunny one. That or try downloading any of the videos from Gamespot or ign and look for it there. I remember seeing it in one of those areas.I just want to see the rest of the fats since each fighter has 10. 2 weeks until release!