Kung Lao opinion polls


I was forgot to mention, that is a lie that a reboot was necessry for fix the problem that Mk armaggeddon brought at mk´history.

Practically, after armageddon they could to be add this mkx history with those 25 years of time explaining this darks periods.

So never was necessary bring a reboot. Include this reboot suddenly has created more plotholes than original mk3-umk-mkt ´s timeline.
They wanted make and bring marketing using the reboot as excuse.
Is very easy easy throw to the trash, the original work and not improve it.

Also mk team was very stupid in allow to Jhon Voguel for write the mk ´s history since MKD.

And now is happen the same again, they first throwed kung lao to the trash and from nowhere they dares to bring back to kung lao......... sorry i don´t wants offend to anyone, but i do not consider to the unpurist ppl as mk fans, only stupid ed boon followers, cause under Tobias ´s manangement nothing of this were happens.


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Who is this ''Kung Lao''? Didn't he die? I think his reincarnation again made him get a fresh but old body. He looks amazing by the way.


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You're welcome guys! I feel now better myself :) Wish Ed read this and gave it thought. Hopefully the story won't have holes as big as cheese.

BTW, if you look at the new stage... it has a machine guy on the ceiling like that one stage from Injustice. I hope they aren't just copy/pasting stuff and taking this more seriously. The stages so far have been OK, but I have yet to see a stage that would totally blow my mind.

Also, having 2-4 returning stages wouldn't hurt. My guess is 12 stages total. We already have 5 with 7 left, so... better show something familiar if you're showing all these returning characters I think.

EDIT: HOLY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$HIT! I just realized... WHAT IF THE NEW MAP BELONGS TO JAX?????!!

i believe they did say there will not be any returning arenas.


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Like the Hollywood movies nowadays, you need a black guy, a chick and asian, if you have a gay, it's even better, because every race and people with non traditional sex orientation for some reason want to be represented everywhere. Why? I don't know.
I watched Rambo 2 couple of days ago, i saw dumb russians in there, i didn't assotiate them with me, so i was able to enjoy the movie...i can't really understand the problem black guys have with their movies representations, i just can't...i think if you think your race' movie representation is bad and gets angry about it, maybe this very representation is not that far from the truth...truth always make peoples angry.
About middle east characters...don't even start...we soon shall see how new Tekken character will be accepted in middle east and what it means for Namco and Harada...i hope they will be ok...

Anyway, Cyrax is black, i'am pretty sure he will be in the main roster, cause not only he survived, but he have enough material to make 3 variations...maybe Kai will make it in, but i'am not sure if MK fans will accept capoeira fighting style.

I still wonder why they changed Kung Lao's race, i thought Donnie Yen will be a great prototype for him, but now he looks more like Client Eastwood.
I'll tell you why chackalacka makes a point that's agreeable. Kano's Australian; Smoke's eastern European; Scorpion's Japanese, Sub-Zeros' Chinese; Cyrax is Botswanan, Jax, Sonya, the Special Forces American, etc etc.
The point here? They represent Earthrealm and have a story that is told from a global perspective of where their origins are. Alternatively here is a question to you: why not?
On other parts of the world that chackalacka mentioned; I thought Tremor can be from a new area of Earth and his origins, background are sketchy at best. That is a story of his that can be expanded. For now, it is mysterious, much to the frustration of some.


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Now to the topic. I didn't expect Kung Lao to return either. But he did, much to my own surprise. He's clearly popular enough as one of the earliest fighters in the series. No complaints there.
Now most of the 3D characters (Kenshi and Quan Chi obviously excluded), were not hugely popular at best. Yeah okay; but I had no problems with Kai and he didn't make the cut in the end for MKX.
But there won't be any sleep lost here that Lao did make it in the end.