Kung Jin's role

I think Kung Jin in terms of his gameplay will be IMO the hardest to master. he just seems like he's complicated

As far as his role, I think he will be the "Outcast" of the group at first but eventually everyone warms up!

As far as his relation with the TGKL Jr., I think KL will be distant bc of whats happened over the years why KJ is trying to gain his trust and bring them closer
Saw his gameplay reveal. Boring moves, bland variations, and even his design looks generic.
How do you know his moves are "bland" if you haven't used them yourself yet, especially in a tournament setting? Substance over style...

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He seems like a really generic replacement character whose gonna be the side Protagonist for the next few games.
I can see him doing the exact same things cassie, jacqui, and takeda will be doing, but just a bit more generic.
So far, it's looking like He'll be the MK9 Kung Lao of this story.
What are you alls thoughts on his fit in the story and how will he interact with his cousin TGKL jr?

He will probably play a bigger role later on in the story, I think hes one of the characters that wont do anything crazy, and then have a few peaks during the story mode that will have people talking about him.
Looks like a fantastic character though "A thief that tries to redeem himself" pretty cool imho! All the haters lmao they haven't even played with him yet, it shows how narrow minded some people are :D
I'll atleast put some time and effort learning the character and see how he does throughout his variations and then i'll decide.
I'm hoping his role is important to the story and not a filler character. Maybe Friday we will get to see him in action, if he's anything like his cousin Lao, he could be an online fav. He and Jaqui have some mystery behind them that interests me and can't wait to get some gameplay. From what we able to see, it looks like he'll be a good zoner but hopefully he'll have speed to match that will mix it up like Kabal.
Well, seems like I was wrong about Jin's sexuality. He might be gay after all.

Story Mode spoiler:



I played through the story last night and out of the new characters I found him the most fun to play as, don't get me wrong I actually liked them all but he was my favorite.
Why big thumbs up? You guys act like everyone here is gay and it should be the norm lmao, it doesnt make you more special like anyone else, and imho should all be treated the same way, now can I has my lesbian dlc character pls?

That's the thing, after all this time there finally is at least one gay character so we are being treated like everyone else, at least in this game.
I am happy for his backstory with Raiden and that we got to know more about his character and that he wasn't a total douchebag like what he started out being in the storymode. So I am proud he played a really big role in storymode.