Krypt - Coffin Labels & Rewards Compilation *SPOILERS*

So I just 100%'d the Krypt (got the achievement) without getting the four secret money chests (which is a lame prize btw). So I guess that means other secrets could exist, right?

It's rumored to be 10 total secrets but no findings as of yet. Only 4 secrets were found so 6 are still unknown and not even confirmed really for that matter.... We'll wait and see though. Once there's more confirmed secrets and info on how to unlock those then I'll post them in the OP. ^-^
did anyone else get this - I unlocked all of the Krypt but all I got was 2nd Fats for characters and some artwork or something...?

is this right? I mean, the Fat2s are secret moves anyway, so unlocking them seems kinda like... dunno... cheap filler. And the artwork and stuff looks like its from a bonus disk... =/

where do you unlock all the hidden characters Boon was talking about and the secret stages etc etc?
theres also another thing in the krypt

ps3, MK9 ultimate, play with kratos
How do I unlock "shao-kan, goro and kintaro"? in PS3
I'm lv 300 in the tower of the challenges, so need to finish this mission.
it is possible to finish the last mission with "shao-kan"?