Konquest mode was great

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I loved the freedom of Konquest mode, and was enthralled by the story of Shunjinko as he travelled the realms gaining new powers and watching him age. I really felt like a great and power master after learning all Shunjinkos combos and unlocking his specials in regular fighting mode. Whenever they bring Shunjinko back it should be the same where you have to earn his specials through some training mission untill you unlock his full potential. I thought the meditation was a cool feature especially for finding the MK characters!You could literally watch the world go on faster than clockwork while you just sit and breath, really neat. Each realm was so big and full of surprises you could have fun just exploring and seeing all the craziness of the MK world as you could never before! The story mode in Armageddon was cool I really liked the fights, but it was a straight line and didn't offer the huge world to explore like Deception and I like Shunjinko when better than the brothers in Armageddon. Even though Konquest mode was new to the series, I think it was one of the best things about Deception.Both Konquest mode and the Story Mode in Armageddon are differen't and I think each would be better if they took from each other what was lacking and added it to their own so that one day if these stories come back around they will be better.
I loved deception story mode, never got too play armaggeddon.

I heard Shao Kahn and Motaro were in deception story, but i could never find them.
yeah i loved the open world and the fact that you could fully explore all the realms. if it wasnt for deceptions konquest mode, i would never have known what the realms looked like and how they were different from each other... edenia looked so nice :p
Motaro was in Earthrealm, gives you some koins.

But yeah, Deception's Konquest was good and extense, and the fact that you can keep playing after you complete the story is awesome, on the contrary of Armageddon's where you had only one chance or you had to start all over.
I agree! Konquest mode in Deception was my favorite. I loved exploring the Realms even after you beat the game and all the characters you could talk to. My favorite part was when Scorpion chances Quan Chi out of the Netherealm and and then Raiden asks Shujinko to help him against the Deadly alliance. It was cool because thats how Deadly Alliance cinema started.

Getting off track, yeah I really loved this Konquest mode. I wish they'd do something like it again.

I thought that Konquest mode was fairly universally hated and I thought that I was the only one who thought it was relatively cool. I loved finding dark Raiden!

I thought the idea was great. I thought it was a little too long and all over the place for a fighting game, but the idea was neat and I had a good time with it.

I always thought the best story mode to a fighting game was the original Soul Blade. You got to travel around and have a bunch of different fights and you got tons of different weapons and each one had advantages and disadvantages. I really liked that.

I also thought the story mode part of MKDA wasn't half bad!
I thought that Konquest mode was fairly universally hated and I thought that I was the only one who thought it was relatively cool.

It's always been pretty unanimously celebrated. Even people who detest everything else about the 3D games seem to love it.

I love it too. It would be awesome to see them pull off something of this scope again, just as long as it doesn't detract from the effort put into the core fighting game.
I need help from all masters here..Please!
I encounter this problem on both PSP Unchained & PS2 Deception. I was able to get all alternate costumes for all characters except Kabal & Dairou! I completed Konquest but when I go back to Chaosrealm from Nexus, the transporter do not work anymore. I was unable to travel to anywhere in Chaosrealm at all. Is there anything I need to do or missed out? I never did most of the side-quests and only focus on the main line to complete Konquest.
Please help me. Thank you.
This mode was SOOOOOOOOO fun; I have so many memories of constantly meditating and trying to unlock Liu Kang and Tanya and trying to figure Shujinko's (badass) story, and attacking all the random NPC's in the game and running off :laugh:

I'd love to see this come back for future installments