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KMB stands for Kano meets Bonnoviv.I named it that because in the picture that guy on the left is a character from a videogame series called Mortal Kombat.It's a fighting game.Look it up if you have to I suggest evn buying a few of the games if you have what's called a, anyway I wanted to draw a woman in kick pose with some toe and a shiny perhaps latex outfit.Now for some behind the ms paint: She originally wasn't wearing the black gloves and holster-belt combo.I added them because she reminded me too much of Britney pre-dropping off and back on the map.I very much wanted to make Kano bald but decided against it, like MK has for the last five games.But, for the record the Kano I know and love is shiny on the scalp.Bonnaviv is doesn't really have a decent.She is a mutt and I can't pin-point where I want to make her from.She is a mystery even to me.Like all creators of fiction that have this same dilemma I will say-Her place of birth is:Unknown.Oh this is cool though(I think anyway)-In the true love of this series Mortal Kombat (the game I was telling you all about earlier) I went over to the once beloved Mortal Kombat Warehouse and picked up a blood splat from MK3 (it's a pretty succesful series) to make Kano spit out of his mouth.
Onward, I had this site in mind most of the time while I was drawing this so I want opinions and comments.Perhaps some critisism.
-And ps. the last time I submitted to this website I handled the critisism like a pussy.Sorry.Glamorous, bring it on.Snow, Michael Jackson sucks.Saphire, so does Megaman.Snow, once again, you're pretty cool but Michael Jackson still sucks.Sapphire, I think you and Megaman suck.Glamador, you are as fabulose as you are glamorous.And, I bet you taste discusting.
It took a hefty amount of time but it's a nice peice in my eyes.A nice peice of shit that is!Just joshing.
Tim Static:3-D is the future, get over it or build a time machine.
Patrick MkHaron-Are you Irish? Patrick MkHaron-Way to keep this ***** runnin', even when it slowed down like a muther****er.
BTW I'm not leaving the site or anything I just wanted to say something to the crowd if I'm going to start a thread.Since new threads are so rare I figured I ought to make mine beefy.

After all that, don't forget about the picture.

Jinko-keep it real, essay.


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Some punctuation would be nice. But as far as the artwork goes it's not terrible. Not at all. Not like the walruscopter.

In fact, the body proportions are very good and you really pulled off the skintight bodysuit look. Hell, you can see the camel toe. My only point of criticism lies in the faces. They lack perspective or shading and look distinctly un-human.

If I may ask, what program did you use to make it? It looks like MS Paint judging from the sharp angles and pixelation of the brush strokes, but that could be a conscious design choice. Past that though, what's with all the hate mail at the bottom of your post? The first section sounds like it was designed for another forum, explaining MK and all. But then you take the time to personally attack the members here. Now I know you're a bit spastic so I'm not going to get all offended, sorry if that was your intention.


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I wouldn't call it hate mail.Anyway how could you get offended?I called you the explaination shit was for fun, I know what TRMK stands for it was just a joke.Thanks for liking it though.It was ms paint.It's a whole new program with paintbrush at my side.

Another fun fact-I only had to define colors like three times.Hip hip in my opinion.