Klassic Noob Saibot

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Has anyone faced him? I was playing the Ladder mode, and woof. Before I could rip apart Mileena, he suddenly appeared and kicked my arse.

It's easy to face him but it's hard to defeat him. In the ''Temple'' arena, he sometimes appears instead of the guys who do pray in front of a skinned man. Don't block and quickly defeat your opponent. Boom.


And he kicks your arse.

I don't know whether there was a thread about this or not. But it's a fun experience and Klassic Saibot looks badass.
He wrapped my arse up in a neat little box and handed it to me. More practice is needed.
Yeah... I was in beginner mode just working through it with everyone, then he popped up.... I couldn't beat him, even though I've almost beaten Expert Mode Shao Khan... Lmfao.
I beat him the second time I encountered him. Just gotta wait for him to teleport then BAM punish him with a uppercut and lol how dare you consider to rip apart poor Mileena