Klassic MK Portable: PSP with MAT or Xperia Play with SNES Emulator?


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I own both a PSP and an Xperia Play (aka PlayStation Phone). I was wondering which portable combination I should take more seriously than the other, and thus play more often:

-The PSP with Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play?
-The Xperia Play with SNES9x EX+ and the MK SNES ROMs?

If you have a better suggestion for a portable combination, please feel free to share it. Keep in mind that neither of these handhelds can run MAME very well (The PSP version of MAME doesn't even support the MK games!).

Also, telling me not to bother playing MK on the go is invalid. I NEED to play MK everywhere I go. I just have to...


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Well it's already hacked, so all I need to do now is get the EBOOTs. Thank You ;)

MKT may not work though. It requires a specific PSP hack...

With PSXperia, I can pull off the exact same thing on the Xperia Play, so I'll have 2 handheld MK sources :D