Kitana's Secret Diary (One-Shot)


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This is a one-shot known as "The Canons of MK." This is a system I created to make my fanfic coincide with all of MK's canon/semi-canon/non-canon universe. It talks about the laws of the ulternate universes of MK. Well, here goes nothing.
The Canons of Mortal Kombat

[Timeline: Current
Date: Oct. 4, 1992
Location: Outworld
Mood: Nervous]
Over the multiple parallel timelines of the universe, there are some things that will alway stay the same and other things that will drastically change. I've lived over 10,000 of these worlds, which isn't even a full 1/5 of the seemingly endless possibilities of the timeline. Each timeline is determined by a set of "Terms" or "Canons" whichever word fits the description best. Although some things can be repeated, there are 8 terms that will always be present in the world right before the end of the 10th Tournament. One outcome of them all is permanent, however: The world will always fall to Armageddon. No matter what anyone does, Armageddon always occurs. Here is the complete list of terms:

1) Either Shao Kahn will rule the Realms in Onaga's place or Onaga will rule the realms all the way through.
2) The new girl, Knightwolf, has a role in it. Either her parents are alive or they are dead by reasons unknown.
3) Shelia, the younger sister of Frost, will join either the Lin Kuei or the Shirai Ryu. Sometimes, she might join neither of them.
4) My anti-friend, Tanya, will live with either her mother (who was from Outworld) or her father (who was from Edenia).
5) Either Hornbuckle will die or Lui Kang will die. There is an extremely small chance that they could both live and vice verse.
6) Either Daegon wakes early or Taven wakes early. So far, there was only 2 times that they both won't wake early.
7) Bi Han will always use his ice powers while in the Lin Kuei or he will learn how the use his dark sorcery earlier than he would when he dies.
8 )The final term is whether Quan Chi has Shinnok's realm amulet or if Shinnok has the real amulet.

Once these terms are understood, so can the outcome of the world. Let's take a trip back to a few of the worlds and note their terms.

[Timeline: 1
Death: Oct. 11, 2006]
-Kahn Rules Outworld
-Knightwolf's parents lived
-Shelia joins neither clan
-Tanya's Mom is a Deadbeat
-Hornbuckle died (Ghost was seen)
-Daegon woke early
-Bi Han kept his ice abilities
-Quan Chi had the realm amulet

[Timeline: 2
Death: Unknown]
It's the same as the first timeline except:
-Hornbuckle's fate is unknown
-Shelia joins the Lin Kuei as Frost
-Fate of the Amulet is unknown

[Timeline: 13
Death: Oct. 14, 1997]
Same as timeline 1 except:
-Tanya's dad was a dead beat
-Shao Kahn had the realm amulet

[Timeline: Current
Death: None yet]
-Shao Kahn rules Outworld
-Knightwolf's parents died
-Shelia joins the Shirai Ryu
-Tanya's mom is a deadbeat
-Hornbuckle died
-Neither of the Brothers wake early
-Bi Han used Dark Sorcery
-Amulet's fate is unknown

Armageddon will be returning soon. If there is a way, please stop it from ever occurring. If you're reading this, please come up with a world where Armageddon can permanently be prevented.

I know it's not my best work, but here's the Main Purpose of the story. Season 2 of my fanfic will be ending soon and I'm planning out some spin-offs including comics, games, and more fanfics. Your job is to make your own combination with these 8 terms and if you can get 2 people to agree with your combination, I'll create a new story using those terms. Lets see where the creativity goes.

(Note: Timeline 1 is MK1-MKA, Timeline 2 is MK9-Onwards, Timeline 13 is MK:SM, and the current timeline is my fanfic's timeline.)