Kitana's Revenge


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After the death of Kitana she is resurrected by Quan Chi in hopes that Kitana would Kill Raiden for the death of Liu Kang.

Liu Kang has been brought back to life to Kill Kitana after she kills Raiden, will she be able to bring back his memory or will she die in the hands of the one man she loves.

Anyone want to RP this story? I would need a Quan,Raiden,or a (Would prefer some one pick Liu Kang)
Cool! I will start!

Kitana has finally been resurrected from the dead. After getting up from the floor, she realizes that she is in a boxed room. Kitana scratchs her head from a major headache she is having. The door infront of her opens, its Mileena. Kitana gets up quickly off of the small bed she lied on. "What the hell is going on here. Where is Lui Kang and the others", Kitana is ready to fight.

(I am re new to the roleplay stuff do sorry for the short starter!)
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