Kitana's Government

Kitana is my favorite MK female character, so I decided to devote a special section describing her potential future 'reign' over Outworld under the tutelage of the original MK tournament champion, Raiden (god of lighting!).

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"Kitana was appointed to become the Queen of Outworld after Raiden won the Mortal Kombat tournament! Raiden considered Kitana very strong and wise and therefore wanted her to have considerable authority over all the people. It took some doing for Raiden to expel Outworld of terrible terrorists and tyrants after he won the MK tournament. This expulsion was necessary to secure democratic policies for Outworld and ensure that future tournaments would be less undesirable! Queen Kitana observed as her dominion grew, and various sectors fostered the arts and sciences while young warriors were trained to become skilled martial-arts models for the future MK tournaments. Queen Kitana was the idea female monarch, so Raiden was very very pleased."


QUEEN KITANA: "The old Outworld was much about graphic violence, decapitations, rape, tyranny by the undesirable Kahns, and unrighteous treatment of the female warriors. Therefore, this new dominion established by Raiden and maintained by my ruling council, will ensure that MK tournaments highlight our celebration of democracy in Outworld. We can then remember the difficult 'early days' of Outworld with great trepidation and think about how the 'leviathan' of darkness was swept away by the heroic triumphs and magical power of Lord Raiden. As your queen of Outworld, I intend to make the MK tournaments a thing of marvelous excitement, and reporters will note how our new cities will combine the splendor of nature and water with the modern marvels of bright lights and big cities!"


"Raiden was so pleased with Queen Kitana's effective method of ruling over the people of Outworld with a terrific sense of social sensitivity and attractive political shrewdness, that he decided to name her 'queen-for-life' and future female MK tournament warriors would honor her contributions to both fighting and politics! Queen Kitana's dominion or government was one of democratic consciousness and great nonviolence maintenance outside the fight-controlled arenas of the MK tournaments. Now, museum curators went to work to establish the graphic depictions of what made the 'old Outworld' a thing of ominous gore, terror, undesirable tyranny, rebelliousness, pollution, hellfire, and of course, chauvinistic dogma. Queen Kitana ruled her dominion with a staff of attractive diplomacy."




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Desiging government models in Outworld based on the leadership of Raiden requires a handsome dosage of monarchy-creativity, since of course, the 'female angels' of Mortal Kombat (e.g., Kitana, Mileena) represent imaginative kinds of social ornamentation. This sort of video-game aesthetics based storyboarding in Mortal Kombat is unparalleled and even surpasses new Batman video-game story contexts!

Hey, that's what makes Mortal Kombat so special, right?


After Queen Kitana established herself as the wise governing female monarch of Outworld, and perhaps beyond, she had to contend with a serious female challenger named Mileena who wanted to compel Kitana to evaluate the deep contours between order and chaos. Kitana was interested in Republican sanity, while Mileena was interested in the tangibility of what she called the Pirate Estate. The Pirate Estate (PE) referred to the coordination of extreme forms of profiteering and sensual bravado, as a stark contrast to the ordered principles of Kitana's envisioned pro-democratic college of intellectual magic! Mileena approached Kitana in her palace and motivated the Outworld monarch to debate with her intelligibly about the perceptions of order and chaos in the organization of group behaviors significant for war or peace!

KITANA: You dare challenge me in my palace?
MILEENA: You can't govern wholly without evaluating complexity.
KITANA: What do you know of complexity?
MILEENA: You must consider the role of adversaries.
KITANA: Lord Raiden has secured peace and ensured sane bureaucracy!
MILEENA: Have you considered the impact of deformity, my queen?
KITANA: Deformity?
MILEENA: Yes, adversaries can deform nature or spirit!
KITANA: Expound, please.
MILEENA: I know of an adversary named Gangly-Man.
KITANA: Gangly-Man, Mileena?
MILEENA: Yes, Gangly-Man creates volumed chaos.
KITANA: Explain.
MILEENA: Gangly-Man would declare the Pirate Estate shining!
MILEENA: Gangly-Man would illuminate how piracy is a wheel!
KITANA: So you intend to consult with me to enhance governance rationalism?
MILEENA: Correct; your government would benefit from insights into robbery!
KITANA: Fine; we'll determine how to use your advice to bolster confidence securities.
MILEENA: Awesome.

Queen Kitana decided to make the radical woman Mileena her special governance advisor to matters concerning the strengthening of financial confidences and securities in Outworld. Kitana and Mileena would work together now to determine how best to take advantage of the endowments bestowed upon Outworld by Lord Raiden, god of lightning. Kitana and Mileena continued to work together to evaluate how to coordinate yearnings for power and war with desires for sanity and fortune! If the youth of Outworld was to foster the sort of social fertility Lord Raiden envisioned when he created this revolution, Kitana and Mileena would have to choreograph ambition with more modest forms of religion, but the future did indeed seem rather smart!



{Kitana & Mileena}


Kitana received commendations for her role in establishing the kind of government that Lord Raiden demanded. Her alliance with the shrewd Mileena also yielded valuable boons for her government. Everything seemed to be going well, but now, there was a new threat to her dominion and it came in the form of a hockey-mask wearing zombie psychopath named Jason. When he was young, Jason was at a summer camp in a place called America in Earthrealm, but Jason drowned because of the negligence of careless camp managers while swimming in Crystal Lake. Jason lay at the abyss of the deep lake for 20 years before he was resurfaced as a vengeful zombie. Jason got himself a hockey-mask to hide his decomposing head and face and picked up deadly weapons to terrorize anyone camping near Crystal Lake. Jason managed to find a portal in Earthrealm that carried him into Outworld, into Kitana's land.

Jason is a vicious evildoer as Raiden explained to Queen Kitana. He advised Kitana to find trusted bodyguards to make sure Jason wouldn't infiltrate her palace. Jason was in Outworld to find new blood, and he'd create the sort of Outworld hell that Raiden told Kitana to avoid at all costs. This was the first real methodical metaphysical dread or danger test Kitana faced as ruler of her new dominion entrusted to her by Lord Raiden himself. Kitana asked Mileena what she should do, and Mileena suggested she could recruit Kung Lao and Baraka, Mortal Kombat warriors who'd become wandering mercenaries since the fall of Khan and the ascension of Raiden. That's just what Kitana did, drawing in Kung Lao and Baraka who both wielded blade-edged fighting charms to secure her palace and make sure Jason didn't invade her place with some horrible weapon like a machete or a metal ball. Kung Lao and Baraka kept close watch in the front of Queen Kitana's palace, making sure the zombie Jason didn't show up to create unavoidable direct violence.

Jason managed to break through the defenses created by Kitana's guards and entered her study and demanded to speak with her. Jason wanted to know how Raiden obtained his power and why he blessed Kitana and what she thought she was achieving as monarch of Outworld. To Jason, any simple definition of dominion defense wasn't sufficient to warrant complete governance respect, since, after all, Jason was an agent of hell. Kitana was shocked at first but noticed that Jason was badly injured by her guardsmen (Kung Lao and Baraka) and was therefore keen enough to realize she could engage the somewhat disoriented zombie in an intelligent talk that would not necessarily lead to undesirable rage. In other words, Jason was subdued enough to be considered a pseudo-harmless negotiator so Kitana was relieved. Therefore, she agreed to converse with the monster about her dominion of peace.

JASON: You're beautiful.
KITANA: I'm the Queen too.
JASON: Raiden trusts you much!
KITANA: Why're you here, Jason?
JASON: To provoke you, fair Queen.
KITANA: To what?
JASON: Do you believe in chaos?
KITANA: I believe in control, Jason.
JASON: Is your dominion safe from deformity?
KITANA: It's safe from the abyss!
JASON: I'll depart if you promise to use necessary violence for governance.
KITANA: Necessary violence?
JASON: You see, without some daring, chaos can lurk in castles.
KITANA: Why're you espousing violence for law to me?
JASON: I want to be sure you appreciate hell!
KITANA: Are you a messenger of doom?
JASON: I'm a messenger of regret.