Kitana Thread - "My Fury is Unrelenting!"


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Kitana Thread - "My Fury is Unrelenting!"



Kitana has a very unique playstyle in MKX, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on the way you look at it. She is more of a 'catch you off guard' character who relies on well timed punishes and sometimes zoning. She also has huge combo damage, and lots of great ranged normals that make up for her lack of mixups. She is considered to be a rather weak character in the game due to her lackluster mixups and generally bad footsies, though any character in the right hands can be deadly.


1 = Front Punch
2 = Back Punch
3 = Front Kick
4 = Back Kick
EX. = Enhanced Version
J. = Jump/While in the Air
NJ. = Neutral Jump - Jump up

Notable combo strings:

111: Kitana's main 7 frame combo starter. Hits high. Should be used for quick punishes.

F112: 14 frame combo starter. Be careful not to throw out the F1 naked though, it has to be one of the worst moves in the game. This combo advances a lot, so you can use it from a distance.

212/21: 21 - fan toss is a midscreen combo starter that starts up in 8(?) frames. Good for whiff punishing. 212 is fairly safe on block, use fan toss right after to make it safer. Good for corner damage.

F22U4: Great advancing mid footsies tool and combo starter, on block should be cancelled into float the fan toss or booty bump if in Royal storm to make it safer.

F33: should be used mid combo for more damage.

B14: Good combo starter, second hit is low. Was buffed June 2 to become 9 frames (was slower).

B3: Kitana's low combo starter. Has respectable range, and is quite fast.

General Special Moves:

Fan toss: Great zoning tool and combo extender, hits high. IAFS are quite possible the strongest anti air in the game. EX throws one more fan and increases combo opportunities, though its really hard to combo from midscreen. I advise you to use it in the corner more.

Fan Lift: Great combo starter or extender, also a great wakeup if your opponent is right on top of you. EX does damage, do not use.

Throat Slice: Combo ender with good range, EX has armor.

Jump fan slash or whatever the hell it is called: Okay anti air, EX adds damage do not use. Okay wakeup.

Air Float: Great for mindgames, Great tool for Kitana's 50/50. Use will be elaborated on later in the guide.

All of the above are extremely punishable on block and should not be tossed out randomly.

Royal Storm

Royal Storm is Kitana's defensive/counter zoning variation. It is considered to be her strongest variation, since she has improved footsies, and a new way to escape opponents' pressure.

Exclusive moves

Fan-nado. Kitana's improved fan lift, it travels 1/4 of the screen as a whirlwind at a moderate speed. Great footsies tool and punish for poke spammers. EX travels fullscreen and does damage, extremely useful in a zoning war, gives the opportunity for fullscreen combos. Less useful as a wakeup than the fanlift.

Bounce back: Kitana's projectile reflect. It has slow startup, but it can reflect more that one projectile at a time. Good for counterzoning.

Flying booty: Kitana flies butt first into the opponent. Good combo ender and great to keep yourself or the opponent away. EX adds armor and damage, only use when pressured.

24: Okay combo ender, but Kitana has many better ways to end combos for more damage.


You can play this variation in 2 ways. You can rushdown the opponent or zone him out. For rushing, Keep the opponent on their toes by using B2 often (overhead). This will condition them to block high, which gives you opportunities to open them up using B14 or B3 preferably. Kitana has horrible pokes, so if you get in a poke war back away then Fan-nado.

For zoning, throw air fans often to threaten their jumps, and use ground fans too. Threaten their projectile spamming with Bounce Back and EX Fan-Nado. In case you cath them with an air fan, throw a ground fan then run to them and grab them for extra damage (the grab knocks them far away) or throw another fan if they are in the corner.

Ask any questions if you want to, I'm ready to help.

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Well that post was fvcking rude.

Anyway I think its a good start. Gave good I sight on the moves and the proper usage as far as I can tell


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Well that post was fvcking rude.

Anyway I think its a good start. Gave good I sight on the moves and the proper usage as far as I can tell

Thank you :love:

Its still nothing yet, I won't stop till she's Batgirl level broken. Kitana master race

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Re: Kitana Thread - "My Fury is Unrelenting!"

If the usage stats on the online ticker were to be believed, NOBODY plays with Kitana. So why even waste your time?
I play with Kitana. So does [MENTION=5186]Goddess[/MENTION], and she's one of the foremost experts with using her.

And by the way, the attitude you displayed in that post is unacceptable.

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GGA Dizzy (a tester for the game and recent winner of Combo Breaker) said he thought Kitana was the worst character in the game.


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GGA Dizzy (a tester for the game and recent winner of Combo Breaker) said he thought Kitana was the worst character in the game.

Not a problem , I play the character brcause she fits me like a glove. And she is FAR from the worst.


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omfg yes she's shitty we got it, if the OP wants to make a guide then let him, it's his time. Personally i appreciate it.


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Kitana is one of the best fighters in the game in my opinion (since opinions are what we're basing this on).
And she's popular enough to be a returning character *cough* can't say that for a lot of the other characters.


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What's so bad about Kitana though? I've seen people say she sucks, but mostly they say she sucks because a tournament player says so. Imo, she plays just as strong, if not stronger than, her MK9 counterpart.


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Bottom 5 or not, I'm glad you went ahead and made the guide.

If possible look into adding Frame Data with the Notable normals and add a few of your BnBs so everything that a player would want to know would be in this thread. I understand its's under construction, but those are a few things to look into adding.