Khameleon...or Chameleon....whatever, i dont care

i dont mean to ask a newbie question, but i just looked up on the cheats on this site for MKtrilogy: how to unlock chameleon (hold B+R+HK+HP when highlighting a ninja until the battle) and nothing happened! :x what am i doing wrong?

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Pick ANY MALE NINJA and before round starts hold: Away from opponent, Block, Run, High Punch, High Kick
All his moves depend on the color of his outfit, it changes throught the match, so if he's Blue use Sub-Zero's moves, Red suit for Ermac, Green for Reptile, Yellow for Scorpion, Grey for Human Smoke.
yeah...ok, thanks again DonkeyKong! i wasnt doing the "back" looks like you just copied and pasted that from wherer i was reading.... :wink: