Karoi - The Redeemer

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Name: Karoi

Age: Unknown

Alignment: Good


270 lbs

Appearance: Karoi looks like a corpse, with a very dark purple aura around his left arm. He wears tattered dark purple rags, and his eyes are glowing with an eerie, whitish hue. His left arm is severed off, but the aura around it acts as a bond that ties the arm to the body. The Redeemer is a bulky Kombatant with his appearance highly mangled. He is bald, but he has a bandana that covers most of his head. His skin is very pale, with a yellow - like tint. He is very reminiscent of the Masked Courtyard Guards, however, he lacks a mask, is very damaged and is hunched.

Fighting Style: Nan Chuan

Foes: Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi

Allies: Raiden


Special Moves:

Warp Slice: Karoi slices the air, opening a portal. He throws himself inside and the portal disappears. Then it reappears as Karoi flies out of the portal, punching the enemy. The enchanced version makes Karoi kick the enemy.

Back in Time: Karoi summons a Naginata and throws it at the enemy. The enemy is impaled and is thrown back. The enchanced version ignites the Naginata.

Ring of Fire: Karoi sends his left arm forward as he creates a ring of fire in front of him. The arm pulls the enemy through the ring, severely burning them.

Air Snatch: Karoi sends his arm at a 45 degree angle, snatching the enemy from the air and pulling them onto the ground.



Bye Bye Love: Karoi turns his left arm into a Naginata, throwing it through his enemy's body, hevaily damaging the internal organs. The Naginata turns back into an arm and hits the enemy from his back, sending him towads Karoi. Karoi kicks the flying enemy's jaw, shattering it and sending him back.



Halfway Open: Karoi throws the enemy onto the ground and pins them down by using a summoned Naginata. Then he proceeds to pull them from their feet, slicing their upper bordy in half. Karoi then raises the corpse, letting the guts inside fall out.

Grievous Harm With a Body: Karoi pulls the enemy from the arm, ripping most of the chest out, including the head. As the enemy begs for mercy, Karoi hits the still standing remains of the enemy with the other part as the enemy shouts, smashing the two parts into pieces.



Karoi was a courtyard guard, his job protecting Shang Tsung. He was leading an ordinary life and his job was easy, considering how no one had attacked Shang Tsung when he was not in Mortal Kombat. He was alive and he wasn't in danger either. Anything that hapened stayed out of the Palace anyway.

But one day, two Shaolin Monks, Liu Kang and Kung Lao, alongside the Thunder God Raiden and some Earthrealm Warriors, attacked Shang Tsung's Palace. The Palace Guard fought valiantly but they were no match for the Earthrealm warriors. During the fight, Kung Lao sliced Karoi's left arm off. As he attacked Kung Lao in a fit of rage, Liu Kang kicked him in the back, sending him tumbling towards Shang Tsung's Throne.

As his soul started to leave his body, Shang Tsung claimed his soul, sending the now - soulless Karoi into the Netherrealm as an Oni, a twisted shadow of who he once was. Seeking revenge from the Sorcerer for taking his soul, he joined the Mortal Kombat tournament. Allied with the men who killed him, Karoi will fight fire with fire until he takes back his soul and finishes his passing.