Kai's Overhead Rip Fatality Confirmed

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
TRMK Correspondent, <A HREF="mailto:sektrax@mk.hotweird.com">SekTrax</A>, has confirmed Kai's Overhead Rip fatality. Thanks go out to <B>HTGaming</B> for sending it to us, and <B>TxJames</B> for finding it. Remaining Fatalities for Revision 2: Quan Chi's Leg Beating and Jax's Arm Rip.</UL><CENTER><FONT Face="Arial"><B>Kai's Overhead Rip: (Hold BL) U - F - U - B - HK (Close)</B></FONT></CENTER><UL>The <A HREF="moves/mk4/mini4faq2.html">Mini Moves List</A> and <A HREF="moves/mk4/">HTML Moves List</A> have been updated with all movements found within the last two days