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I passively read this section and didn't find a topic on this, so here we go

Jurassic World, what did you guys that saw it think?? Personally, I loved it. I may be in the minority here but to me it was a great movie, it really brought me back to my childhood love of dinosaurs. It made me laugh, smile, and I even fell for one of their jump scares lol. The ending I predicted before I watched the movie but how it played out beforehand was pretty good imo.

So, what did you guys think?
seeing it sunday, the only thing that worries me is that the CGI took over the practical effects and that it will all look fake
seeing it sunday, the only thing that worries me is that the CGI took over the practical effects and that it will all look fake

The CGI never really bothered me, yes, there were times where it more noticeable, but it never really took me out of the movie.
Unf Chris Pratt :love: That's basically the only reason I'm going to see it.

I just want to throw my panties at his face.
i really enjoyed this film, it was quite terrifying, i heard kids crying in the theater XD . i also loved how Dr. Wu explains why the dinosaurs aren't 100% accurate to their real life counterparts due to him using different DNA , Velociraptors are supposed to be the size of a large cat and covered in feathers . and Spinosaurus from the third film was alot larger and more aggressive than it would have been since it mainly ate fish
The CGI was my only issue with this movie, I felt that the dinosaurs from the original movie were a lot more intimidating because of the practical effects. Everything else was was good about it though, especially because one of my man crushes Chris Pratt and Gwen Stacy from Spiderman 3 both did an awesome job.
well, atleast the cgi didn't look fake like i thought, but i did notice that sometimes grass didn't move when stepped on at some scenes, oh well,
"Jurassic World" in front of this weekend Pixar energized film "The other way around" by Peter Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen and $ 30.1 million. Second of three days, he assumes control over the five-day weekend with $ 45.3 million against 43.8 million for "Jurassic World".
Jurassic Park was and still is my all time favorite movie. Jurassic World did a great job captivating that feeling I got when I walked out of the theatre 22 years ago. Great great movie
Watched it last Sunday, and enjoyed it. The CGI didn't bother me nearly half as much I thought it would, the story is simple without beins stupid... but at times I found myself thinking the movie didn't get its own point of "bigger doesn't always mean better".

Not to mention that Dr. Wu plot twist at the end sounded REALLY un-necessary and disrespectful to the first movie. Also, for a money pit of a park, Jurassic World seemed pretty crowded. I know the stakes wouldn't be really high if the park was empty and the maintenance for a place like that would cost a buckload of money, but it looked pretty dissonant to me.

All in all, it's a fun way to spend two hours.
I'm planning on seeing Jurassic World for a second time. Loved it the first time and my favourite part was Zara's death scene.
Well. It's been a fair while. Watched it once at the cinemas when it came on there; but would watch it again. It did its job very well as a re-make of a movie series.