Jason's gameplay, and other things


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Jason should have his Jason X and his Part 2 (with the potato sack) designs as alts.


Live: Based on his self from Part 3, 4 and the reboot. Wields his machete, and uses mostly close-range weapons.

A variant based on his very first appearance. He wields the pitchfork, and uses mostly long-range weapons.

Undead: From Jason Lives to JX. He cannot run, his jumping prowess is pitiful, but he barely flinches from most attacks, and uses a mix of close and long-ranged weapons.

X-Ray: Nabs a victim wrapped in a sleeping bag out of nowhere, and pummels the opponent. We see both the victim's bones and the opponent's being broken. The X-Ray ends with Jason throwing the victim at his opponent.

When Jason gets low on health, getting hit should knock his mask/potato sack off his head. During fatalities, Jason shouldn't scream, but we should still see agonizing expressions on his face.

Jason stage: Camp Crystal Lake, with a stage fatality that sees the loser uppercutted on a canoe, and Jason's younger self coming out of the water to drag the opponent down.

To conclude, Jason vs Predator intro idea below:

We hear the whispers. So does Jason, to his surprise.
The Predator decloaks, and replays one of Shao Kahn's laughs from MK3.
Jason, with a murderous look in his eyes, pulls out his machete.

I also think Jason should be killing Kobra in some of his intros.