Japanese fighting game battle designers talking about games...


So, game planers from Arc Systems and French Bread were talking about how to make a Fighting Game, and all of a sudden, one of them says:
Pachi: If I had to create a non-Anime game, I would personally want to make Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter's design is already unshakeable, it seems like you can't freely create. Mortal Kombat seems like it would be more interesting.

4Gamer: Oooh! Wouldn't that be great?

MM1: However if Arc System Works made a game, wouldn't it naturally turn into an Arc-ish anime game? In the past I was involved with "Hard Core Uprising", and before I knew it there was mid-air dash and double jumps. "Wait a minute, isn't this just Contra?" (laughs).

* Hard Core Uprising: Konami's spiritual successor to the Contra series. It was developed by Arc System Works.

Pachi: That was probably the case (laughs). However, Skullgirls is a fighting game developed overseas with Japan in mind. Couldn't Japan also create a fighting game with overseas players in mind? It can be totally non-canon, please give us an offer to create "Mortal Kombat, the Animation."
Can you guys imagine "what if"?

The rest of the interview is unrelated, but if you guys want to read, it is in:


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I wish Pachi would elaborate more on MK and what aspects of the series he found interesting. Nevertheless it's surprising that MK would be mentioned in the first place, as most Western-developed don't fare well in Japan.
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