Jade is NOT black

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I am SO tired of people making this assumption just because she has a tan. By the way, this same person is who I was talking about in the Pet Peeves thread so if you read that post, you already know this first paragraph about Storm ^_^




As a female assassin adorned in a green skin-tight outfit, Jade was initially very similar in appearance to Kitana and Mileena, with the only noticeable difference being her tanned skin


I got into this discussion with a twat from another MK forum. She actually insists that Jade is Egyption "like Storm from X-Men". First, Storm was NOT Egyption. She was African American. Storm was born in New York to an African mother and a black American father. When she was 6 months old, they moved to Cairo, Egypt. Five years later, her parents were killed in an attack that bombed their residence. This tart told me to get facts straight and then locked the thread so I couldn't respond with the info I just told you. I'm a ***** so I sent it to her via email and when I looked at the thread today, she deleted what she said to me. She also stereotyped every Egyption person by saying "Jade is Egyption because she has her own level called the desert". Apparently, if you have anything to do with a desert, you are automatically Egyption. Idiot.

Oh yeah, the topic at hand.....This came up because the thread was "Your Dream MK Cast" and everyone was picking black actresses to play Jade. I've said it once and I'll say it again: JADE IS NOT BLACK. SHE HAS A TAN. Just because someone is tanned doesn't mean they are black. If you look at the GIFS, Jade was lighter in MK2. Jade is the same damn Jade through all the MK games. If she was supposed to be black, they would have gotten a BLACK actress to play her instead of the WHITE actress who played Kitana and Mileena. That's like getting a white guy to play Jax.

Point of the thread is, Jade is not black. Discuss.
oooooook. you probably don't have to get too defensive about it, she's just a made up character. i never thought she was black, never even occurred to me. she's just highly burnt;) it makes you wonder what they're teaching in school when it comes to colour verification.

speaking of 'tans' and stuff im still yet to figure out how Cyrax ended up being a 'brutha' instead of being an oriental origin since he's from a chinese ninja clan.
LOL, no I'm okay, I just see this happen very often and I don't get why. I have tanned before and my skin was the exact same brownish color. It is sort of a golden brown when a white person tans.

Haha, good point on Cyrax.
wish my head would tan but then it would look like a dim sim.

i do get what you're saying. the same could be said with Ermac. In arcade attract modes and also in game for UMK3 Ermac was tanned, but when he came to MK Trilogy he must have avoided crossing the Sahara desert this time and had a bath in flour cos he's now white. theres no logical reasoning as to why they would change the colour.

well Cyrax has never been explained as to why this is. is it because the creative team felt they needed to include more ethnic backgrounds so people wouldn't get the shits? although technically almost the entire game cast is not what id call white caucasian. and that includes the gods;)
ZenJiriki said:
wish my head would tan but then it would look like a dim sim.

Dim Sim Zen :mrgreen:

Jade, Tanya, Ermac and Cyrax are all from the Clan "Ala Coconuta" it's a secret clan which is part of the of "Chocolate Lovers Society" They are all very dark skinned, not as dark as our good buddy, Jax. Because he's an African/American. They all enjoy eating Turkish Delights, Mars Bars, Snickers, Bountys [mmm my fav] Aero Bars, Cherry Ripes...

Also just a sec...:hmmmm: :sleep: :mrgreen:

Below is my favourite version of Jade. She's a hard biatch to beat in classic MK, but I love her...err beating the snot out of her that is.

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lol coconuta clan hehe. yeah i should be a part of that although the amount of mars bars i consume i should be blacker than jax. as it is im still just a white chocolate lol

well all characters in most mk games have the same attacking pattern. Jade was never 'hard' if you used the simple system which can be employed against every character. if you dont and you try to fight each one on an individual basis thats when they let loose. Jade was a firecracker.
Well, this is a shock.

I really dont care if Jade was black or not, but still, its shocking.

And that gif of jade from MK2 is too bright, I remember her being tanned in that game too.
Technically speaking, Jade isn't black, and she isn't white or Asian, she's Edenian. She could possibly the Edenian equivilant of an African, or it could just be that she spent more time at the beach than Kitana, point is, it doesn't really matter, she's a fun player, and for you to get upset about it, Jade (who is obviously not black) is a big shock, let people think what they want, because we all know that the only one who is ever right is me. :D
Er...why does everyone think I am really upset by this? I just hate reading it all the time and wanted to straighten it out, that's all.

That MK2 GIF is straight from the game, she wasn't any darker.
Sure sure, sweetie, we all believe that you wanted to learn us something about Jade. ;) Nobody doubts you.
haha lol but seriously we're all forgetting that jade is fing edaninan. not asian or african...and dosen't she spend all her time in shadows till mk2, so she hasn't seen sunlight, explaining her paleness....then gotten darker again. but she's not jax-black.
yeah Edenians have a different shade of brown in their land, or different settings on the tanning machines. point is is that giving her an 'earth' description doesn't really fit because she isnt an earthling as such. why am i explaining? shes hot. NUFF SAID:p
I didn't forget that she is from Edenia, I was just speaking on terms of if she were from Earth, which race would she be. That sort of thing.

So here is a question for you guys. She is from Edenia but do you think Edenians are teh same races as on earth? I mean, it's like saying that a man is from the Moon (haha, he's a Mooner...) but he is white. You know what I am trying to say? I don't know if I am explaining it properly.....I guess what I am trying to get across is, maybe people from Edenia are white, black, whatever just like on Earth but since they are from Edenia, they just call them Edenians just like they call people from Canada Canadians and America Americans but there are different races within the country/place.

I think my brain just exploded from confusion.
she'd be part of the 'supermodel race':p someone mentioned egyptian i think earlier, id say that would be the closest. either that or possibly one of the asian races which have a darker skin. i always think of jade as an oriental background, not an african etc so yeah.

i'll try and make sense of ur babble:p looking into a mirror reflects who we see, as with everyone so id guess its like looking into the mirror but beyond it into the other world, that one being Edenia. id say the set up is the same as far as having ppl from like australia being australians etc. maybe though Edenians covers ALL the races instead of going you're 'blackadenians' or 'whitedenians' etc. the race as a whole may have no racism at all which means no matter what colour the skin was you're all the same and no hatred is born like it is on earth.

that took too much brain power to write. i think i'll plug into the mobile fone charger to gear back up:p
Stain (that's my new nickname for you, Satinsoven, makes you sound tough) thanks for repeating what I said, my point didn't get through the first time.

Jade, what you said was so confusing I seem to be leaking brain lubricant.

As for the -other- Jade, she'd be the Supermodedenian.
Yar...I mean, on Earth there are different races: black, white, asian, etc. So do you think in Edenia there are the same races? Why or why not? (and being Edenian is not an answer. I'll tell you why....)

In America, there are whites, blacks, asians, etc. and they are all called Americans (or Italian-Americans or African-Americans...you get the point) so do you think that in Edenia it could be the same thing? Maybe they do have the same races there as on earth.
I've already answered the question, love, Jade fell asleep under a lamp.
That's it, problem solved.
Not good enough?

Well, let's just think of it like this, maybe she's Soudenian (South Edenian) which is our equivilant to Egyptians, Africans, whatever, whereas Kitana (judging from her appearance and fighting style) is Eadenian (East Edenian), or the Edenian equivilant of Asians. And, Tanya is also possibly Soudenian.
So, that answers it. Jade = Soudenian
Kitana = Eadenian
XxJadexX = Question answered.
Since we're on such an important subject that's clearly not trivial, do you think that Linden Ashby is right for the part of Johnny Cage?

I mean, Ashby, if I'm not mistaken, is a Gaelic surname but Cage is English... right? :p

Seriously, you guys put too much thought into these matters. I've seen online arguments at their worst, but I haven't heard of anyone taking one so seriously that they emailed the person to prove them wrong. Lighten up, Jade ;)
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