Jacqueline Briggs Gameplay discussion

Here is my experimental combo vid. Still learning her strings, so bear with me.

I use Full Auto, it has much better combo potential. But you should never end a corner combo with Force Rush, all it does it put you in the corner. Also, if possible, most of your combos should end with Gauntlet Strike as it's her most damaging ender.

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I know now. This was from before I started to get a better understanding with her specials. I'm gonna do another Shotgun combo vid that will utilize the Gauntlet Strike, when I get the chance. Btw, Force Rush was the only thing that can connect from a corner 1, 2~1, 2~2, 3, 3....., as the Gauntlet Strike has a slight slow start up and would most likely drop the combo.
That's why Full Auto is the way to go. non-Ex Up Rocket lets you connect Gauntlet Strike from nearly any juggle.
Gotta make each kombatants' guide sooner or later on his forum. It's only a matter of time til that happens.

I see about the Full Auto variation. High Tech is all about dealing raw damage with the buff intact, although at a cost of potential juggling combos.
Went back and tried to optimize some of her combos

Meterless midscreen, 27%
1,2,1xxLow Rocket~Running1,2,1xxgauntlet Strike
Quick punish for teleports and unsafe specials. Really easy to hit confirm too.

1 bar midscreen, 38%
1,2,1,2xxExUp Rocket~Running3,3xxGauntlet Strike

Meterless corner low starter, 37%
b3,3xxBionic Dash~3,3xxUp Rocket~1,2xxGauntlet Strike

Meterless corner overhead starter, 34%
b2xxLow Rocket~1,1xxUp Rocket~1,2xxGauntlet Strike
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Why do you use the Shotgun variation?
I honestly see no reason whatsoever to use it. Full Auto has far greater damage output, better combos, better zoning and a reliable anti air.
Hi guys! Love Jacqui; she and Mileena are my mains this game.

Is there ANY reason to use Shotgun, ever? It just seems like a weaksauce Full Auto.

ED: Haha, jinx with the post above!