Jacqueline Briggs Gameplay discussion


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Lets discuss Jacqui "Sonya" Briggs aka queen BlackWafiu of the MK series gameplay!

Atm, were still lacking a bit of information on her, but we got a handful of gameplay videos and summaries of her variations to discuss something. I can't speak for everyone but the Jacqui gameplay I have seen recently has me really interested because of how fast her movement looks to be. I think she has the fastest run in the game and her dash's/walkspeed looks extremely quick too.
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JACQUI's Variations are-
Gains medium range Shotgun Blast and Low Shotgun Blast
Full Auto: Gains long range Machine Gun and Rocket attacks
High Tech: Gains short range Plasma Blasts and Plasma Gauntlet Buff.vlcsnap-2015-04-04-22h18m58s141.jpg
vlcsnap-2015-04-04-22h36m37s243.jpgShotgun Blast
vlcsnap-2015-04-04-22h40m42s138.jpgHer throw
vlcsnap-2015-04-04-22h46m47s191.jpg family feud?
vlcsnap-2015-04-04-22h51m06s231.jpgvlcsnap-2015-04-04-22h51m17s80.jpgPlasma Gauntlet Buff
vlcsnap-2015-04-04-22h54m28s173.jpgHer plasma blast
vlcsnap-2015-04-06-03h12m04s110.jpgJacqui is the smallest female next to Ferra of course
vlcsnap-2015-04-05-08h18m40s35.jpgTakada better stay away from Daddy's Little girl:vroam:
I can see myself using all 3 variations depending on who I'm going up against. Although will most likely flip between High Tech and Shotgun variations.

Also that last picture was strangely hilarious.
Shotgun maybe her best variation to me and I can't wait for this game. I'm going to troll the shit out of my friends with these two. Hopefully I'll get one of the two in main shape for online.
I was watching his videos and noticed they also changed Mileenas scream when she does her xray lol
hope she have an overhead


she does, a couple i believe - A streamer went thru her High TECH breakdown this morning.

None of her strings had overheads in them, seems that 1 hit overhead is her only one.
she had a few lows in her strings tho. b33 is a double low and looked pretty good.
90% of her stuff is mids, elbows and knees like crazy.
She has a string that ends with an air Quick Burst. She is super quick, fast walk speed forward and backwards.

-JACQUI's AIR GROUND POUNDS IS A LOW. Animation wise it's exactly like Kan-Ra's j.HK from KI..
EX is multi-hit so it may bypass armor
she also has a faint where she drops straight down without the hit.

She has a lot of dashing moves, 2 long range and 1 mid range.

-Force Rush: dashing lariat into an attack, she does this in the Release Trailer. Goes really FAR, maybe1/2 screen?. Hits High. EX probably has armor or something becasue it didn't do any extra damage or hits.

-Bionic Dash: similar to Force Rush but ends the dash with an uppercut. Hits mid. EX she holds their head and LIFTS them then does a few more hits with a blast in the end.

-Gauntlet Strike: Mid range body blow. Goes into a mini auto-combo. 14%. EX did 19%. With High tech power did like 24%. Not fully sure about the damage numbers

-Tech shield: a parry of some sort. Not sure if it's for hits/projectiles/both as he didn't test to see what it does when it activates.

HIGH TECH stuff:
-Gauntlet Spark: buffs your gauntlet moves, can stack 2 levels. EX goes to level 2 immediately.

-Quick Burst: Short range projectile. Mid. Did 10% damage. chargeable and dash cancellable. 2 levels as well. If you do it while the Gauntlet Spark buff is on it does the same one as the level you have active. Level 2 was huge and went pretty far. EX does the Gauntlet Spark animation as a mid hit then does the buffed Burst
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So, I was floating around TYM and found this Combo. The player was rocking the Shotgun Variation and it sucks seeing only a few videos like this because I'm dying to see some legit Mileena combos and not the scrubby ones on The Kombat Kast :laugh:

Honestly, from seeing her Friday I really thought she had no Combo potential at all but this video says otherwise. I'm diggin' her gameplay design, but I still feel like this character will shine when it comes to MK fundamentals assuming they will be similar to MK9's.
I made a pretty nice corner combo. 39% no meter, no jump in and it starts from a low

b3,3xxLow rocket - njp - b1xxUp rocket - 2,3,3xxGauntlet strike
My corner X-Ray combo with the Shotgun variation. Sorry no vid, but here is the input:

F+1, 2, 2+4~2, 1, X-Ray. Damage percent is 40%. 39% if you add Njp between 2+4 and 2.
Having been forced to play high tech in story I have to say it's still my least favorite variation of hers but its still fun. Which surprised me. Now I'm excited to play her others which I thought looked fun already. She's quickly overtaking kotal as my favorite newbie. Not taking anything from kotal because he's still awesome but Jacqui may just be more awesome.
Agreed! Jacqui packs quite the punch.
I just hope that NRS expands her wardrobe a little. Get her out of the military attire for at least one costume. possible have her hair loose, maybe have her Braids into a small afro like this-
and maybe an outfit like this to showcase her kickboxing background.