Iwata passes away at 55

Very depressing day indeed.

Iwata worked hard for Nintendo for more then 30 years I think. And without his hard work, they wouldn't be where they were today. Not only that, he was great guy all around. Someone I'm sure Nintendo were honored to have as a president.

I wish his family at Nintendo and at home the best of luck in this dark moment.
Truly crazy news, this really came out of nowhere. Insane to think how young he really was too, rest easy Iwata.

Understanding will never be the same.
I had just gotten off of work and I was shocked by this news. I was really caught off guard. And it's a very sad day, and Im glad that Nintendo had him for their president. He will truly be missed, and thank him for making us all understand.
It's crazy how young he was (ONLY 55) I remember hearing about his health issues before but I never exspected him to pass so suddenly. Anywho RIP Mr Iwata. Your legacy with gaming will not be forgotten!!!
Sad times for all adult and child gamers alike. I may not know the man very well, but inadvertently, this is where my passion for games kicked in. As of today, I think to honor him, for one whole day and Tuesday, we should all play only Nintendo games, as a way of appreciating his dreams and passion towards the gaming industry. May he rest in peace.