is unchained worth buying?

Yeah, its basically deception on steroids. Plus konquest should keep you entertained for a while.
Yes, it is a very good game if you like this kind of Mortal Kombat in 3D (MK Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armaggeddon) : it's fast, backgrounds and musics are superb, the A.I. is fair (and not weird like MK2 or MK3) and... There is two fatalities for each character (plus an Hara-Kiri), quite easy to perform, and bloody as hell !
MK Unchained also come with tons of vids and concept picts !

I've bought it not so long ago on US PSN Store for my European PSP GO, it's only 19 dollars...

Suggestion : try to find a 100% savedata on the net, so you'll be able to choose the second outifit of each characters, without playing the annoying MK Konquest RPG-like game (i only like MK for it is a FIGHTING game... but it's my opinion :) )

PS : i got one US and one EU 100% savedata, just tell if you're interested...
thanks for the info. i'm definately gonna buy this game. is the Konquest just like the one in Deception?

The konquest is exactly the same, theres also an endurance mode where you fight i think twenty enemies then Onaga with one health bar. I've only been able to beat it with Goro lol.
well i guess it's a good thing i only played Deception when it first came out. i played it a couple of times but only arcade and the Konquest part where you have to kill the guy so the woman in the village can "undress in peace" lol. still laugh everytime i hear that in my head.
is it worth buying?

No, not in opinion. The game was never very good, and is even more broken in this iteration. But if thats what you want, and you liked Deception, go for it. But i will say there is alot better fighting games on the PSP than that one. And if you want the MK, try the Midway Arcade Treasures :)
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Don't think, buy. Awesome game, loads of content, great fatalities. The only down point is Konquest mode is mostly a training mode disguised as a proper story mode. It is interesting to actually explore the realms for once though.
I just bought this game from PSN when I got my 4GB stick. Was surprised how good it looked and played. Maybe it's been a while, but I don't remember the camera in Konquest mode being this glitchy on the PS2 version.
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