Is this Liu Kang ?


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I'm gonna go out and say i think it is, I mean who else could it be ??


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That couldn't be Liu Kang, it's part of the lin Kui temple stage, Plus That certainly doesn't look like Liu Kang IMO


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Isn't that the very first thing we saw in the story mode trailer?

If it is Liu Kang, that would have been a nice bit of sleight of hand by NRS, but we'd of course have to learn how his statue ended up at the Lin Kuei temple.


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The Lin Kuei don't only "deal in ice". Smoke is a member of the Lin Kuei and his power harness the mystiques of smoke.

and then there's also Cyrax and Sektor ...

Even though Boon said there are a sea of Sub Zeros there have only been 3 members that mastered the art of cryomancy. The clan as a hold are not masters of ice.
Could be Taven, controlling fire, costume looking kind of similar, but I'd assume more likely either a new character, Sektor's father or even (If his story was canon and he killed his father) Sektor himself