Is NRS seeking to pander?


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Ed Boon just retweeted this picture of Lardass Jade.

Do you think this will be a new trend in Mortal Kombat games? Since NRS wants to be progressive all of a sudden, is it possible we'll start seeing FemFlabs in future titles?

I f***ing hope not. It's bad enough that NRS decided to "tone down" the ladies for MKX, we don't need fat kombatants.

ENOUGH with the politically correct garbage NRS!!!!

Why are they doing this shit? Really? They clearly ARE pandering to Political Correctness, it is so f$%^ing obvious... openly gay characters, toned down sex appeal for the sake of "realism" a fantasy fighting game. REALLY ED BOON!!!!!!!

Why are they SO AFRAID now of the exact same groups that tried for years to have MK banned outright?

Are they afraid that raving, racist, con artist, feminazi Anita Sarkeesian is going to bad mouth them on her stupid@$$ Youtube channel which is kind of sad, really. The MK series was once upon a time famous for being the game franchise that pushed limits and made the Morality Squad cringe in fear.

...I'm sorry, but Game Developers need to grow a pair and tell the SJWs to go back to Hell. If they don't like the games or the content of games then why don't they just make their own and leave the rest of us alone?

IF...if NRS introduces a new character who's main attribute is being a fat, diabetic lard or give the female kombatants "Squishy Bodies" just for the sake of pandering, the I WILL NOT BUY THE NEXT GAME.

MKX is bad enough with all the SJW sh*t dumped all over it. Any more pandering and I will just have to give up.
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The females can be muscular as She-Hulk or Tanya
from MKD but no chubby chicks nor any bigger please!

Edit: But on the bright side, that picture of Jade gave me a little more confidence in cisplaying as her in drag since I'd look better than that pic. Lol

Taj Gill

This is getting out of hand. I'm only 23 and I have the rest of my life to look forward to ridiculous agendas like this.


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Well. I could go with that homosexual thing in MKX. Whatever floats their boat. But come on. Fat ass fighters... Yeah ok we already have games which feature few characters with... interesting size bellies. Like Tekken or Street Fighter 4 with Rufus. Hell Street Fighter 5 made one of the most biggest and muscular characters into a fatso (Birdie).

But this is getting ridiculous. If this were to continue, they might as well just give them cheeseburgers and diet colas in hands and make fatalities say FATALITY AND I LOVE IT.

Being fat is awesome! It is beautiful! It is healthy and completely ok!


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While we don't necessarily have to have a fat character for the sake of political correctness, I do think more variety can be done when it comes varying the characters' height and build. True enough, some characters in MKX were taller than others, but the contrast could be stronger.


There is some progress on the men's side, but it's not as noticeable with the women. I mean, it seems like Jacqui is a bruiser of sorts yet her arms as thin as the other female characters.
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Let's not get it twisted; I do think larger women can be attractive. For instance, London Andrews (below) is a knockout, regardless of her size:


That being said, I do prefer that the ladies of Mortal Kombat keep unrealistic body components. It goes hand-in-hand with the fantasy aspect. No one is ever going to be able to do the things the kombatants do, just like no real woman is going to have double D cup breasts, an Iggy Azalea-sized booty, and a six pack that was chiseled out of stone. I like being able to step out of reality and realistic bodies make that just a tad bit harder when we're going with the theme of Mortal Kombat. You know, the franchise where dragons are present, necks get broken but people keep on fighting, men get turned into cyborgs, and inter-dimensional travel is possible.

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So basically the message that they are trying to get across is that only overweight woman are realistic....... oh yeah try telling that to people who work hard every day to achieve the body that they want. This is so backwards its not even funny. and before someone says that im against overweight people just shut the hell up. Im not at the point where I want to be with my body either but Im not sitting here feeling sorry for myself demanding that all male fictional characters look unrealistic saying shit like(Batman being fit and 6'2 is unrealistic he should represent a more realistic male a kinda chunky 5'7 kinda guy) no Im working out because GASP!!!! fit is not unrealistic

EDIT: Why is this even an issue instead of wasting their time trying to blame fictional characters for women having an eating disorder they should instead focus on trying to help these women with bulimia
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If they are to make it more "realistic" I think they should stick to the physique of athletic women who are cut out for fighting in a tournament.

I mean.. Just like all the female characters where originally made in the first three games when they used real live athletes and fit models for the digitized sprites. What matters most is if they are fit for the purpose. Which is being relatively believable being in a "best of the best" to the death martial arts tournament.

Not chubby out of shape women just for the sake of political correctness. If that's what they'd do they're doing it wrong.

On the other hand that whole thing about modifying their bodies was a parody. A parody that kind of made me groan though.
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In hindsight, I think NRS should do what THQ/EA has done for years with their WWE/NFL/NBA/you name the sport games- digitally scan actual people, use those as the basis for their in-game models and just build off of those. You know like use a gymnast's body as the base for Cassie Cage, use a runway/print ad model's as the base for Kitana, use a pro-wrestler's as the basis for Shao Kahn etc. etc.

You know, people on peak physical condition who could at least remotely handle themselves in a fight.

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As troubled as I am that "realistic body" is a common placeholder for "fat" (what says a lot about the artists and/or our society), it'd be great have some different character body types for a change.

Videogames, as any fiction, are a reflection of our society, people. Everybody want to "see" themselves in these stories - just ask any nerd who used to read Spider-Man comics in high school. "Hey, this Peter Parker guy... he's just like me!"

We need different types of characters because we don't have a single type of people consuming these stories. I mean, I'm a snarky heterossexual brown-haired white male and even I think there's way too much snarky heterossexual brown-haired white males in videogames!