Is Grandmaster cheap?

Is GM Sub-Zero broken?

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I've been getting a lot of hatemail recently telling me that Grandmaster is cheap and I've seen a lot of threads on TYM before asking to nerf Grandmaster. So do you guys think he's cheap?

I've found multiple ways around the clone that can happen in the corner and midscreen. For example some characters can jip or jik over the clone and weapons can go right through the clone (i.e Takeda's whips). I think he's fine how he is right now and I don't see any nerfs or buffs happening to Grandmaster in KP2.


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I've destroyed my brother countless times, though he does win more than I do. Grandmaster is definitely as beatable as anyone, but he might require extra skill. At times, it does feel a bit like playing Dark Souls, but if you have a character who is fast and ranged, he's not that hard to be. Tanya (All), Mileena (Piercing), and Kenshi (Possessed) are the 3 best characters I use against Subzero.

I think the Summoning (forget the name) Scorpion is the hardest to fight against.


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Personal bias aside, GM isn't broken, imo.
The clone can be broken my most special moves, and while that may leave some characters open for a hit, pretty much all EX moves (if not all) destroy the clone.


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Being Reptile's worst matchup, I have some personal hatred for the Variation. But I don't really see any nerfs necessary. Almost every character has some ridiculous corner shenanigans. If he were to receive a nerf though, I'd say the most fair is to have his clone not consume a hit of the opponent's armor. But that's only if he absolutely has to have one. Or maybe have the shatter scale harder during combos.