Is female (man) faces bugging anyone?

omg i just figured it out!!!

Sonya cheated on Johnny cage.....with Baraka!! Cassie is actually baraka and sonyas daughter!

later on in the story sonya spills the beans to Johnny and cassie then johnny goes 'phew thank god for that!' and cassy crys 'YOUR NOT MY REAL DAD!!'

Ahh you godda love the MK drama who needs jerry springer

I kind of feel bad for Kitana. She never did have a pretty face to begin with...



Is it really that difficult to make faces look great like this?

Everyone's talk on the Injustice female faces, really makes me feel a lot better about being a diehard Deathstroke fan. Anyway, I don't think Cassie looks bad. Better than the previous MK female faces, no doubt. I'm still not freaking out over the graphics. We have a whole year before this game is released.
That's another reason I liked Mileena so much, at least she always wears a mask.

No but seriously, Neatherrealm has a big problem with man faces, they really need to get it together.
While they can make the faces look better at times, its something that doesn't really bother me considering i only play the women story line purposes or for trophies. I really don't have a favorite female character so this isn't a major issue for me. But i do agree they could make them more womanly even though they are capable of beating the crap out of the men lol
Well, what can I say??? Since I was a child playing MK I always thought all the girls were pretty.... (even MK4 ones)... When MK9 came out I thought the same... but... when I started playing with the unmasked versions, my opinion started to change... And now, more than 3 years later I watch the graphics I used to think were the best and see really bad mistakes. I know the time has passed, and it´s obvious the games won´t look awesome forever... So all the past mk games, and specially the girls look really bad (talking about graphics), it only gets worse when compared to the BEAUTIFUL ones from Japan´s games (DOA DOA DOA!!!! SF girls are ugly as hell in SF4).
The point is, when MK9 was being promoted, it looked flawless.... and I couldn´t see all the issues I can now... BUT, seeing Cassie NOW, in the period the game is being promoted!!! AND SEEING THAT UGLY AS HELL face.... C´mon.... It doesn´t give me good expectations.... I know it´s better than other past games (Specially Injustice), but it´s not right.... we all know they can model perfect girls (THE RENDER ONES) so, why is it so hard to make them playable???? I read someone said D´vorah was fine.... rly???? D´vorah is an ugly character, so we can´t let her be the guide.... I just hope Ed´s comments about Cassie´s incomplete look are true and they make SOMETHING about that, and all the rest of the female cast!!!! If not, it´s time to hire some Japanese modelers
lol you guys ...her face looks fine to me.(Cassie)she looks like Sonya and Johnny.i hope NRS never see this thread . Everyone talking about how Cassie has a man face..if any of you went out and a female that even resembled this character gave you the time if day you'd take her home and smash know it .
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I think NRS are growing in the right direction.
In MK9, I liked Jade's and Sonya's faces. Kitana's nose and jaw were rather off though. However, though Sonya had a strong jaw as well, it fits her character. And some women in the real world DO look like that.

In Injustice, the only face I thought was completely off was that of Raven. Many complain about Wonder Woman, but I actually thought it suited her to have a more masculine looking face, due to who she is.

I am more worried about body-types. MK9's women had very broad shoulders and almost no hips. Wonder Woman was the only one in Injustice who seemed to suffer from that issue, as characters like Catwoman, Harley and Zatanna seemed to have more feminine shaped bodies, but again, it kinda makes sense due to who Wonder Woman is.

Cassie's face and neck in MKX need a bit of work on, and from what I can tell in the different interviews, they're working on it. D'Vorah seems to have a rather feminine face for an insectoid.
It's not like every woman has to be a model though. I do agree that the faces need work on. But like what [MENTION=18014]theincubuslord[/MENTION] said, D'Vorah's facial structure is very effeminate and I think that is a good idea on what NRS is doing.

Let's at least wait on the upcoming female character who is getting revealed before we start judging though