Interview with MK:D Producer John Podlasek

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The <strong>Microsoft Xbox</strong> fansite <a href="">TeamXBox</a> has posted <A HREF="">an interview</a> with <strong>John Podlasek</strong> of <strong>Midway Games</strong>. John is the producer of the upcoming <strong>Mortal Kombat: Deception</strong> and also the previous installment: <strong>Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance</strong>. Below is an excerpt of John discussing the new interactive environments in MK:D.
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The new environments are one of my favorite additions to this game. Walls blast open, players get kicked through glass floors, a giant stamper with molten lava can melt you, and prisoners can grab your player so your opponent can get some free shots on you. Another one of the cooler ones is a giant rock platform with an active earthquake breaking the perimeter and making it smaller. The longer you fight the smaller the area becomes until one's health is wiped out or falls off the edge onto a giant spike. We've also reworked a few of the MKDA backgrounds and added a few new surprises. In one of them the lava will now actually damage players and another had lasers added to the perimeter for ring outs that'll slice up the loser.