Interact with the Cast of Mortal Kombat Annihilation

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
<A TARGET="_top" HREF="">Sci-Fi Zone</A> will be hosting live in-studio chats with the stars of Mortal Kombat Annihilation from November 17<SUP>th</SUP> - 20<SUP>th</SUP>. Robin Shou, Talisa Soto, Lynn Red Williams, Sandra Hess, and Brian Thompson will be live via real video as they answer your questions via e-mail or phone <B>1-888-EASYLUM(327-9586)</B>.</UL><CENTER><TABLE BORDER="0"><TR><TD>
<CENTER><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="+1">Schedule</CENTER></B><BR><PRE>
Monday - Brian Thompson 8 pm EST 5 pm PST
Tuesday - Lynn Red Williams 8 pm EST 5 pm PST
Wednesday - Sandra Hess 7 pm EST 4 pm PST
Thursday - Robin Shou 7:30 pm EST 4:30 pm PST
Talisa Soto 8 PM EST 5 pm PST
The chats will also be broadcast in text only versions on AOL live. Thanks to <A HREF="">Jake</A>