Injustice: Gods Among Us GOTY coming to PC!...

We already knew about it since August! Cant wait to beat you all of you online! Also hope that now that Valve announced the consolized pc known as Steam Macthine and Steam that this means that even more people will buy it!!
Evryoneh has moved to games like gta v and diablo? That can not be true. Fighters will always have a online community to play with even if it smaller than that of games like gta and diablo.
Also i hope that they will also make it a Steam OS version because now that valve confirmed that STEAM OS will run the games a lot faster than windows many gamers are going to use it. The new Valve controller looks also very cool too i cant wait to play pc version of injustice with it!
It is GOTY because fighters is a very small genre that gets very few new games each year. Because of that it is very easy to choose a GOTY for one of them. It is not like FPS that evry months we get new fps games. Fighters are very few and they dont have so much fans like the other genres of games. Injustice is the best fighter of 2013 so far and the best selling one of the year.
That doesn't make the mula though :twisted:

Nah but I agree with you Shira, does not enjoy game of the year per say.