Injustice Comic Year Two Issue #1 Now Available In Stores!

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Last year's <a href="">Injustice: Gods Among Us</a> comic was <a href="">DC Comics'</a> "number one best-selling digital first series" so it's not surprising that the series gets to continues the story with "Year Two" this month. The first year of comics covered stories five years before the events of the game, so I imagine this year will continue working forward in time towards the game's events.

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The writer of the first series, <a href="">Tom Taylor</a> returns for the second year but there is a new artist on board as <a href="">Bruno Redondo</a> replaces <a href="">Jheremy Raapack</a>, but Jheremy does do the cover for at least the first issue.

Digital chapters are already available for $0.99 each on <a href="">Comixology</a>, <a href="">Apple's iBooks</a> and <a href="">Amazon Kindle Store</a>. But starting today you can get the <a href="">print issue #1</a>, which combines the first three chapters, at your local comic and book stores for $3.99. You can get a <a href="">preview of the first issue on as well.</a>

There is something new available this year as well, there is now what is being called the "DC<super>2</super> version" which is a new <a href="">motion comics format by MadeFire</a>. It's a very cool reading experience for comics, I recommend you all check it out if you like your comics digital. You can find the <a href="">iOS app on the iOS AppStore</a>. Check out a preview of their Batman Arkham Origins DC2 version below

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i am too eager to know about the 2nd year of DC Comics, as you stated that the first year comic stories got popularized frequently after release, so i expect similar attraction towards the 2nd year one.....:tee:
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