Injustice: choose your destiny

So we got 10 more weeks and 3/4 of the roster and the hype its getting bigger and bigger.
So I wanna know who everyone its thinking of picking as their mains our main/alts, and also who they're most excited to try that could end up as their main. For me it's:
Bane/Joker and
Harley Quinn/Hawkgirl

Also I should be getting xbox live soon I don't have good internet right now so when I do Ima be heavy on versus mode I'll drop my xbl tag when possible.
Deathstroke all day, he looks boss, his moveset looks neat, he's got a low combo starter, his story is hella entertaining and his alt looks sick.

With maybe Aquaman or Ares as alts if they are in/interesting gameplay-wise.
Not sure what to pick for my mains, but I'm choosing between Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Cyborg (Victor Stone), Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and Lex Luthor. Until I see more characters playable, my choice will remain uncertain.
Judging from what little gameplay we've seen, I'm fairly certain I'll be maining Harley or Deathstroke. But they've hinted heavily that Lobo will be a DLC character... that is exciting. Also. Pretty sure Doomsday's gonna be in, so I'm curious about him, too!
Cool picks kinda glad I didn't see 20 Batmans yet, been a very generic answer so far. I'm also really excited for Doomsday and I'm hoping we get Raven/Lobo/Ares as well.