Injustice Cameos


Robot Rock
Lets try to compile a list of all background characters.

Swampthing - Swimming in Atlantis background
Giganta - Fighting in Hall of Justice
Atom Smasher - Being a badass in Hall of Justice
Gorilla Grodd - Fighting guards in Stryker's Island
Killer Croc - Teasing me in Arkham Asylum
Penguin, Two Face, Riddler - Stage interaction in Arkham Asylum
Scarecrow - Chilling in his cell in Arkham
Martian Manhunter - Floating around in the Watchtower
Doomsday - Standing in the background of Fortress of Solitude

Only ones I could recognize
Mr. Terrific - At the Watchtower Reactor
Atom (possibly) - In the Insurgency Command Center (background where the electrical generator is)
Darkseid - Transitional stage interaction in Hall of Justice
Metallo - Center area of Prison Area in Stryker's Island (used as a stage interaction)
Parasite - Right background of Prison Area inside electrical cage in Stryker's Island
Deadshot - Left side background of Prison Area in Stryker's Island
Hugo Strange - Background in Arkham Asylum (Not Joker's Asylum)
Gorilla Grodd - Background of Courtyard in Stryker's Island)
Atrocitus and Green Lantern- fighting in in the background in the air on the roof of the museum in Metropolis

Starro- interactible object in the Fortress Of Solitude's zoo
Kilowog and Atrocitus

Thanks Riko. I was wondering who were they, that are fighting in the background of the Rooftop section of Metropolis. And how could I forget about Starro as well. Thanks for mentioning it Batbo. lol