Injustice 2 Gameplay Chat *plz cry moar*


Robot Rock
Before this becomes the inevitable "...needs nerfs!" Thread, I'd like us to discuss our thoughts, hopes and gripes on current and predicted gameplay aspects of Injustice 2.

Quick notations to ease any confusion

X/Square = 1
Y/Triangle = 2
A/X = 3
B/Circle = 4
MB/EX means enhanced, or meterburned

Things that have been confirmed so far as of e3 2016

Backdashes are still invincible
Game uses the same button layout as the first.
b3 & f3 are still launchers and can be EX'd for armor
You can EX a forward dash for an invincible roll. Goes almost full screen
You can air tech out of a juggle for a bar of meter, but can be punished if opponent reads this
Clash is back, functions the same

I'm very concerned about this forward roll thing. I wonder how much this will change the game assuming you can roll out of gaps in strings or pressure. Armor is easily baited, but how many characters will be able to punish a roll?
I'm not sure if I'll get around to playing Injustice 2, but faster walk speed make it much more bearable. In Injustice 1, it felt like the characters were wading in mud.

Personally, I prefer more straightforward supers over long cutscenes that seem to go on forever.
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