in 16 or so years i still havent mastered these....


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especially after online play. I still havent mastered the exact spacing of crossover dial-in combos. When I play a few people, they have the spacing down to a T...meaning when they do the crossover, i cant anti-hp/hk them because they are to close, but i also cant uppercut them on the other end when they get to my oppsite side as they get the spacing so well that i uppercut the oppsite direction. The only way i can stop this is if i guess right that they will do a jumpover cross and i do a standing jumpkick/punch beforehand. I find when i do the crossover they are able to space themselves out enough where i whiff on the crossover punch(or maybe they have timing down so well they see me jump for a crossover and immediately walk back).

That and the spacing on a teleport punch. I find REAL good ermac players are able to spam the crap out of the teleport so that no matter where they land, its just centimeteres away from me blocking, so that they can run in and combo right away....the timing is good enough that if i let go of block to counter or to combo myself...i just get whacked.
They never teleport to where they would land into me blocking and leave themselves open
anyone got any helpful tips?

i mean i dont suck and im in the top 100 of ranking on umk3 with no rage quits, i just feel liek i should have gotten these down by now
When I read the title on the first page, I thought Mastered was Masturbated :laugh:

I'm buying MK:AK just for UMK3 :)
"Glitch Canceling:

In 2D MK games, one randomly selected player in every round has frame advantage. This means if two attacks connect on the exact same frame, one character will always win. This happens because the other character has an extra tick before contact on their attacks. The result for that player, is glitch canceling. So let it be known, only one character has frame advantage, and the other character, can glitch cancel.

this explains how this dick i was playing was able to combo me when i rushed in to combo him. he would just stand there, and if i ran into combo, the immediate time i hit the beginning of the dial in combo, he was able to do it first and dial me instead. i was so pissed lol